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Attack on Titan Mobile Game Gets Official Title

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GameSamba, the studio behind the Attack on Titan mobile game currently in development, announced the projects official title today. The game, now officially dubbed as Attack on Titan: Assault, aims to invoke the feeling of the shows intense titan battles by combining RPG features with an endless runner-style game. According to GameSamba, success in the game will depend on careful planning and swift reactions. Attack on Titan: Assault will also feature a multiplayer component, but GameSamba has decided to wait until a later date before revealing further details on it.


Shelved Plans for a Final Fantasy Tactics Sequel Surfaces Online

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Not only is it pleasing to know that Final Fantasy XIVs Return to Ivalice raid series sees Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno reunite with his old team, fans who were glued to the FFXIV promotional livestream on the said event got an unexpected treat when Matsuno revealed assets that showed shelved plans for a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel. It was said that during development of Vagrant Story another great game in the final years of the PlayStation One, Hiranobu Sakaguchi on the side was also planning a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. Sadly, According to Matsuno it was ultimately scrapped because of various reasons.

[email protected] 2018 - According to Reggie

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With the runaway success of the Switch, strong 3rd-party support and some management changes this year, this Nintendo fanboy doubts he will be disappointed


Marvel Ominously Teases 'Spidergeddon'

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According to a cryptic tease from Marvel Comics, something big is coming later this year for the web-slinging hero.


Hedge Fund Tiger Sends Letter to Gamestop Urging Retailer to Adopt a Turnaround Plan

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Retail giant GameStop is being urged by investors to conduct a strategic review following the sudden departure of CEO Michael Mauler. According to a letter seen by CNBC, hedge fund Tiger Management described the recent upheaval as "an unprecedented opportunity" to overhaul the retailer's strategy and "revive shareholder confidence in the sustainability of the GameStop business model". Despite the letter, Tiger maintains it's a passive shareholder and would simply sell GameStop shares if the company failed to "implement a turnaround plan." The letter urges GameStop to pause destructive acquisitions, divest some businesses and buy back stock.


Yo-Kai Watch 4 is Coming to Switch - IGN News

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According to Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, the game will have "mechanics that surprise everyone."


Ready at Dawns Deformers is shutting down on August 9th

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Ready At Dawn has announced that it will be shutting down the servers for its physics-based arena brawler, Deformers, in its Western and European markets on August 9th. According to the team, Deformers was no longer financially viable in the West and in Europe, which is why it decided to shut down its servers.


New Weather System Looks Pretty Neat

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Wargroove is shaping up to be a neat little tactics game, and the game's recently announced weather system should make battles a little more harrowing and dynamic.
According to Chucklefish, the weather system consists of three weather types: sunny, windy, and severe. While the first two are self-explanatory, what "severe" depends on a particular map's biome, and can consist of rain, snow, or sandstorm (so no snow in the desert and now sandstorms in a forested village).
How do these effects change battle? When it's windy, boats will be able to move further, archers will be able shoot farther, and flying units like dragons will deal more damage. Severe weather instead limits units, meaning would-be commanders will have to be more careful when building their gameplan.
Chucklefish is still messing around with individual effects and settings, but you can see weather in action in gif form on the or below. If you'd rather just keep it simple, you can turn off weather entirely in the game's multiplayer settings.


NVIDIA: "Witness the ultimate gaming experience at GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018"

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Computex is almost upon us and NVIDIA is gearing up for both GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018. According to the official NVIDIA Taiwanese website, the green team will be showcasing the power of artificial intelligence and the ultimate gaming experience in GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018.

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This Westworld Character Is Reportedly Returning Soon - IGN News

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According to Westworld actor Simon Quarterman, a character that disappeared during Season 1 will make a return.


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