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Switch Online Is Going To Be The Place To Play Classic Nintendo Content, According To Reggie

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"We haven’t even made the full library of NES games available yet".
Nintendo does not appear to be in any rush to revive its classic games collection on the Switch. In fact, the digital NES library only went live in September and the system is now nearly two years old. It's left fans hungry for more, after previous systems - since the Wii Virtual Console era - have offered access to Nintendo's larger retro library. This includes hits from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64, along with selections from plenty of other iconic generations.
With all of these old-school gems yet to be released, it has raised concerns about the Japanese company's future plans for classic content. According to Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime, however, Nintendo does have grand plans for reviving retro games via the Switch Online subscription service. In a chat with Kotaku, he said it would be "the place" to be for nostalgic experiences:
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Rumour: PlatinumGames Is Working On Three Switch Titles

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One, two, three...
Another rumour has surfaced online. This time it's regarding the Japanese developer PlatinumGames - a company originally founded in 2007 after a merger between Seeds Inc. and Odd Inc.
According to Nintendo Insider, the developer has a total of three games currently in development for Nintendo Switch. The first, as we've known since last year's , is . As for the other two titles - take a guess.
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Bandai Namco Is Set To Release A "Large-Scale Crafting Game" Called Ninja Box On Switch

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Make your own secret bases.
Bandai Namco has revealed a brand new project called , and it's currently in the works for Nintendo Switch.
The news comes from the latest issue of the monthly CoroCoro magazine, where the game has been described as a "super large-scale crafting game". According to , the game features a ninja called Tonkachi-kun along with his regular boy partner Hiroto, and allows you to create weapons, items, other devices and secret bases.
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Campo Santo Co-Founder Says Firewatch Is "Very Close" To Release On Switch

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But will it arrive before the end of 2018?
Campo Santo's award-winning 2016 title was revealed for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year in April and has since gone missing. When it was , it was said to be arriving at some point in the near future. With 2018 nearly over, it's left us wondering if it will still show up before the end of the year.
According to Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin, the game is "very close" to release. Rodkin delivered this information in a reply to a Twitter user asking about the availability of the game on the Switch. This followed his original tweet about how "ridiculously nice" the Switch version of the game looked. Here's the initial tweet and latest screenshots:
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Cable TV Loses Over 1 Million Subscribers, According to a Report

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It's the industry's largest quarterly loss ever.


Early Detective Pikachu Movie Screening Receives Very Positive Reaction, Features "Great Surprises"

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"Hyper-realistic" CGI Pokémon.
If you're a fan the Pokémon franchise, you're probably aware that a new movie based on the 3DS game is set to hit cinemas next year. You might also be aware that movies based on video games are notorious for being pretty terrible, with the majority of silver screen adaptation attempts now rightfully forgotten and never to be spoken of again. Luckily, it seems that 'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' is about to break that trend in style.
An early screening for the movie was held recently, despite the film still actually being in its post-production process, and initial murmurings suggest that this could actually be something rather special. According to a report by , sources have revealed that the film is "jam-packed with easter eggs, good performances, and a great script", impressing its audience despite its unfinished state.
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Square Enix Reports $33 Million Loss After New Studio Shifts Focus

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Declines across the board.
Following the success of on Switch, the latest financial results for Japanese publisher Square Enix have revealed things aren't as rosy as they might appear to be. The company reported a $33 million loss (¥3.73 billion) which was primarily linked to the new studio - Luminous Productions - shifting focus.
According to Games Industry, the studio's plan to create "other entertainment content" was dropped - with attention returning to large-scale and high-quality AAA game production. The losses didn't end there, as the company reported declines across the board over the six month period. Net sales, operating income and ordinary income all suffered significant drops. Square Enix's Digital Entertainment segment experienced decreases as well.
The biggest video game releases over this period for Square Enix included Octopath Traveller and . However, official sales figures for these titles were not revealed. The publisher's rough period was also linked to a decrease in licensing income and a poor performance in the mobile and PC space.
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Niantic's Rework Of Ingress Could Make Pokémon GO A Better Game

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Creating technologies for every title.
US software developer Niantic might be best known for nowadays, but this wasn't always the case. Before the company shot to fame with its recent mobile sensation, it was focused on its own augmented reality game Ingress. With GO now nearly two-and-a-half years into its lifespan, Niantic has been able to return some of its focus to its own IP. Yesterday, it launched Ingress Prime - a rework of the original game built on lessons from Pokémon GO.
The team at Niantic is now hoping some of the features in the newer version of Ingress can be implemented into GO eventually. According to Eurogamer, one feature that would be appreciated is the new prestige system. Once players hit the level cap in Ingress Prime, they can now roll back to level one and gain unspecified "unique benefits" - with their prestige status also reflected to other players.
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These are the things I'd change in Nintendo Switch's next version

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These are the things I'd change in Nintendo Switch's next version With the success of the Switch since its launch last year it's hard to think about Nintendo bringing out more versions. According to an article on , however, Ninty's already got plans for the next version of the popular console. 
Reports say that, despite the Switch's incredible launch, sales for the console are dropping and Ninty is pretty determined to do something about it. Though there aren't any solid facts about the device as of yet, it's likely to share many of the current features and an improved LCD screen. 
Thinking about it logically, of course there wouldn't be a single version of the Switch. The DS-style consoles, for example, had plenty of upgrades and designs where smaller bits and bobs were improved upon. 


If You Pre-Purchased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Digitally, Check Your Inbox For A Piranha Plant Code

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That was quick.
During last week's final Direct before the release of the game in December, Nintendo revealed if you pre-purchased digitally or registered a physical copy on release, you would receive the new fighter Piranha Plant.
Even though the game's Director Masahiro Sakurai said the new fighter was still in development and scheduled to arrive a couple of months after launch, it appears Nintendo is already sending out codes for the famous enemy from the series. According to users on and various other social platforms, if you bought the game digitally, there's a chance the code for Piranha Plant is already in your email inbox.
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