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Piranha Plant Will Become Available In Smash Bros. Ultimate “Around” February

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Pipe up.
An update on the Nintendo Switch news feed has narrowed down the release date of the Piranha Plant fighter coming to .
According to which is a reminder to claim your Gold Points before the end of January, so you can receive the Piranha Plant fighter for free - the classic Super Mario enemy will become available “around” February. Prior to this, the free DLC was for early 2019.
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Game-Breaking Bug Found In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story On 3DS

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Hopefully a fix is on the way.
has been out for a week on the 3DS in the US now and already a major game-breaking bug has been found. According to a post over on Reddit by the user , when you lose Mario from your party in the Nimble Woods area of the game and then go back a screen to save your progress, the game glitches out and Luigi is unable to move beyond this section.
Here's a YouTube upload of the issue, courtesy of another Mario & Luigi player ():
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Smash Bros. Ultimate Global Sales Passed Five Million In Just One Week, Says Nintendo President

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Switch software sales are soaring.
According to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, sold more than five million copies worldwide after just one week on sale.
The news comes from a short interview in Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun today (thanks, ). In this interview, Furukawa shared Smash Ultimate's impressive achievement alongside a statement confirming that the Switch has seen the fastest software sales so far in Nintendo home console history.
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VLC Media Player Being Considered For Nintendo Switch

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Company president is thinking about it.
Certain file formats on computers can be a pain in the neck. Some are immediately recognised and some aren't. The VLC media player is a free-to-use program - created by nonprofit organisation VideoLan - and is a helpful solution when applications or operating systems won't support a particular video file.
With this in consideration, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the president and lead developer of parent company VideoLan recently spoke to about the future of the media application. The overall aim is to offer more support and bring VLC to more platforms. According to VentureBeat, Kempf is even considering the media player for multiple console devices including the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. VLC is already available on the Xbox One through the Microsoft Store.
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Family Guy Will 'Phase Out' Gay Jokes

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According to executive producers Rich Appel and Alex Sulkin, Family Guy is "trying to phase out" gay jokes as the show will "shift and evolve in a lot of different ways."


Rumour: Universal Studios May Have Cancelled Plans For Pokémon And Zelda Theme Park Attractions

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Risky business.
Last year in April, there was a Universal Studios was launching a Pokémon park in Orlando as soon as 2020. Now, there's a new one floating about suggesting the plans for this park and attraction may have been temporarily shelved for at least four years or permanently axed.
According to an update over at Theme Park University - one of the sources of the original rumour which was never formally announced, Universal has recently decided to cut back on the amount of Nintendo content at its Orlando theme park instead of following through with its initial idea to "triple down" on the project.
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Facebook Explains Why Devolver Digital's GRIS Advertisement Was Rejected

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A bum link.
You might recall a story from earlier this week about Facebook rejecting a launch trailer advertisement for the critically-acclaimed indie title, . According to the game's publisher Devolver Digital, Facebook said the clip contained "sexually suggestive" imagery. This followed with a representative from the video game company admitting how "stupid" the decision was during a chat with Polygon. To read more about this, take a look at our .
A Facebook spokesperson has now followed up this matter with Polygon and the reasoning as to why the ad was rejected has nothing to do with the image publicised in Devolver Digital's . It's actually because a link going from the video advertisement to Devolver Digital's Instagram did not comply with the advertising policies of Facebook.
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Bandai Namco Might Be Teasing A Second Season For Dragon Ball FighterZ

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What are you saiyan?
is easily one of the best fighting games currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike many other third-party ports, this one makes no technical comprises. About the only downside is the fact a number of characters have been locked behind a paywall from day one. Even then, this content has still added some extra life to the game.
With this in consideration, there's a rumour floating about FighterZ could potentially receive a second season of DLC characters. According to our colleagues over at , Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe's has been acknowledging user comments requesting another batch of DLC fighters.
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Dragon's Dogma On Switch Includes All DLC And Won't Need An Online Subscription, According To Amazon

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Physical western release confirmed.
A listing for the recently-announced on Amazon has revealed that the game will indeed receive a physical release in the west. Not only that, but extra information provided suggests that players won't need an online subscription to enjoy the game's online features.
Yesterday, Capcom's Japanese online store posted for the game, but there was no indication as to whether or not the game would see a physical release in western territories. This new Amazon proves that a western release is arriving in April, too, but the product feature list gives us even more juicy info (as long as everything here is correct, of course):
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Nintendo Crushed It In The UK Over Christmas, Best-Selling Physical Publisher In December

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Beating EA to number one.
Nintendo had a pleasingly successful holiday season in the UK market, selling enough physical games to become the best-selling publisher of December.
According to , a major portion of this success came thanks to which sold an impressive 284,155 copies at retail. Other titles like and also had a solid month, with Mario Kart actually joining Smash in the top ten for overall sales.
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