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No Microtransactions For Command & Conquer Remasters According To EA

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Just a few days ago, EA producer Jim Vessella teased on Reddit about the remaster of the classic Command & Conquer games. EA is known for having microtransactions on all of their games, however, it's not the case for the Command & Conquer remasters as it will not have any microtransactions.

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Super Mario Party's First Week Japan Sales Outperform Previous Entry On Wii U

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The life of the party.
In its opening weekend in Japan, on the Nintendo Switch sold 142,868 copies. Joy-Con sales were also up by "+200%" (three times the regular amount) during this launch period. It's likely no surprise to hear the game has now significantly outsold sales of the previous entry in the series, .
According to , the 2015 Wii U release in Japan sold just 52,000 copies in its first week. It's also mentioned how entries in the Mario Party series often sustain long-time sales. For example, the previous release went on to reach around 250,000 sales, despite an underwhelming launch and bumpy generation for Nintendo in general. In addition to this, sales tracker has revealed the latest game on Switch has sold through 50 percent of its initial shipment.
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Zen Studios Under Fire For Censorship In Pinball FX3, Explains It Was To Keep Game "Family-Friendly"

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Good intentions.
In September, Zen Studios revealed it had acquired the Williams and Bally pinball collection for . At the time of the announcement, the Managing Director the development team had grown up admiring these pinball machines and were devoted to treating each of the beloved tables with a great level of respect.
Since the arrival of these classic tables in the game last week, pinball enthusiasts have noticed modifications have been made to each one. According to Ars Technica, scantily clad women have been covered up, violent imagery has been removed, explicit language has been censored, beer cans have been changed to soda cans and cigars have been completely removed from the mouths of characters. It's all to do with ensuring the game can appeal to all ages and stay within the existing E10+ rating.
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Netflix Has Released Over 650 Hours of Content in 3 Months

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According to a new survey, Netflix is the most preferred choice for people to use when consuming video content.

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The Third Fortnite BR Vehicle "Quadcrasher" Is On Its Way

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Kill Ping writes: "According to the Fortnites in-game Message of the Day menu, a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher is coming to the game with the release of its next update. The message reads Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!. Furthermore, from looking at the image of the in-game Quadcrasher, it features a sort of a battering ram which players are going to be to use to break down enemy constructions".

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Survival Horror Corpse Party: Blood Drive Could Be Switch-Bound According To ESRB Rating

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Originally a PS Vita exclusive.
The Entertainment Software Rating Board has given a new to Corpse Party: Blood Drive, suggesting that the game will make its way to Switch.
Initially released on PlayStation Vita back in 2014, this game is a survival horror which sees the player help students escape from a haunted school. The game evolved from its visual novel predecessor, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, adding RPG elements into its gameplay, and also saw releases on iOS and Android in 2017.
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Diablo III Is Reportedly Getting Cross-Play

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According to a Blizzard representative, players who dive into the Nintendo Switch version will be able to play with friends on other platforms.

Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Second Most Anticipated Holiday Release, According To US Survey

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Tied with Super Mario Party.
Data measurement specialist Nielsen has released rankings for 2018's most anticipated holiday games. The US survey was conducted with the assistance of nearly 6,000 people. In terms of games that have not yet launched, Nintendo's placed second, right behind Activision's which is due out today.
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