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The Nintendo Switch Helped Someone on Reddit Detect a Tumor

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A few days ago, Reddit user ChrisChalms shared a story in the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit. Chris posted about how playing the Nintendo Switch helped him detect an early tumor. After playing Mario Kart, Chris noticed that when the controller vibrated he felt a pain in his palm that extended through his index finger.

System Shock Reboot Development Halted As Team Lost Focus

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After two decades, NightDive Studios are completely remaking the genre-defining classic from 1994, rebuilt from the ground up.


Hearthstone Would Have Been Perfect on Switch

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"A while back when the official Hearthstone Twitter account left a mysterious tweet to Nintendo, many thought that might have been a hint related to a future Hearthstone port for Switch. After a year of fans speculating, Blizzard shatters dreams and put the rumors to rest." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

What to Do in 'Dissidia Final Fantasy OO' After You've Beaten It

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So you've made it all the way to the end of Dissidia Final Fantasy OO [Free]. First off, congratulations. That means you've watched a ton of cutscenes and battled your way through all five chapters of the story so far, undoubtedly tackling plenty of optional quests along the way. Nevertheless, there's probably some stirring in


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review - Its Not Delivery, Its Deliverance | MonsterVine

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MonsterVine: "After an extremely successful Kickstarter its time to see if the ambitious medieval, open-world game delivers on its promises. Thankfully that answer is yes, but it seems that someone left some food on the floor because the house has become infested with bugs. "


Detective Pikachu Looks to be a Great New Entry for Pokémon | Hardcore Gamer

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Detective Pikachu was first revealed just a little over two years ago and only managed to see a Japanese release. After so long, many fans believed it was unlikely that it would ever be released in the west, but the most recent announcement of the title not only revealed that fans worldwide finally going to get it, but that it was going to include brand new content. As Detective Pikachu launched before the reveal of Sun and Moon, the addition of seventh generation Pokémon revealed that brand new story was going into this title as well as a physical release and a brand new giant amiibo. Now players around the world are waiting to be introduced into the newest setting of the Pokémon world, all while working alongside a sassy talking Pikachu.

The video game industry's loot box problem isn't going away

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After hit the headlines late last year, the outcry over the video game industry's use of what some reckon is gambling in video games appeared to die down.
Now, it's picking back up again after US politicians pushed forward with what may result in new legislation that governs the use of loot boxes in video games.
First up, lawmakers in Hawaii have introduced four bills in a bid to regulate the sale of video games that include loot boxes. Two of these bills would block sales of games with loot boxes to those aged under 21. The other two would force publishers to label their games with loot box warnings and reveal the rates of receiving each reward.

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Capcom Discounts 'Monster Hunter Freedom Unite' by 74% for a Limited Time

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Today is a good day for Capcom news. After updating Ghost Trick for iOS 11 and iPhone X, Capcom has a big spring sale on for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been across multiple systems over the years. I got into the franchise on the 3DS but always wanted to play


Dynasty Warriors 9 review – open world warriors

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After years of reusing the same old ideas, Dynasty Warriors finally gets a major reboot – but are the changes for the better?


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