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The world moves on... Video capture, 950 XL vs P30 pro

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Although I regularly pitch the PureView over-sampled Lumia 950 XL stills up against the best of 2018 and 2019, video capture is a whole other area. The Snapdragon 810 chipset in my 950 XL just can't compete in terms of real time noise reduction and software stabilisation with the Snapdragon 855 (and Kirin 950 here), which - at 1080p here, at least - have oodles of headroom in the processing department - and it shows when testing modern Android flagships. Even more so the Lumia 1020-inspired Huawei P30 Pro, which also throws a genuine 5x 'periscope' telephoto into the mix.


Mario Kart Tour Beta Test Emails Appear To Be Rolling Out To Lucky Players

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Check your inboxes!
It would appear that those fortunate enough to have been selected to take part in the closed beta test for are starting to be notified via email. If you applied for the chance to take part, make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.
Last month, Nintendo for Android users in Japan and North America. The test was said to be taking place "in order to improve the quality of the game" before its expected summer 2019 release.
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Microsoft Offers Suspicious Demo of xCloud Game Streaming Service

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At Microsoft’s Inside Xbox event, the company brought an Android phone up on stage and streamed Forza Horizon 4 from its Azure data centers. Or did it?

Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch, Mobile - IGN News

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Microsoft shared details of a conference schedule for GDC 2019, detailing that Xbox Live will be coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.


Mini-review: 3-in-one 'Bear' Data/charge adapter

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We've all been there. Windows 10 Mobile or Android users but our partner or offspring have gone over to the Dark Side, i.e they're using iPhones. And, out and about, one of these normobs runs their phone dangerously low on power and it's only you (of course) who has brought along a k. Typically, they'd then be out of luck because I'll bet that neither they nor you have a spare Lightning cable in your pocket. Except that with this trivially cheap accessory they (and you) are in luck.


A New Pokémon Game Has Just Launched On Smartphones

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Pokémon Rumble Rush comes to Android and iOS.
Remember It was announced by The Pokémon Company a few years back and was positioned as a continuation of the Pokémon Rumble series. However, after the success of everyone kinda forgot about it – until today, that is.
It has now been revealed that the game goes by the title of (Pokémon Scramble SP if you're in Japan), and it's already out in the open in some parts of the world. This free-to-play effort has been developed by Ambrella, and is not related to the .
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Android 7 to 8: Revisiting the Planet Gemini communicator

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In the spirit of continually keeping an eye on what the wider mobile world can offer, and especially looking at form factors which are interesting and marry up with what AAS and AAWP readers might be looking for, I noted that my Gemini has now received its Android 8.1 update. Why is this relevant? Because it brings the ability to use the full screen, turning the Gemini into a more convincing micro-laptop. Or, if you will, a present day Communicator.


Digital Foundry Finds Mortal Kombat 11 Also Using Switch's 'Boost Mode'

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You win.
It seems that NetherRealm is one of the first third-party studios to have taken advantage of Switch's 'boost mode', according to our friends over at . The behind-the-scenes mode, which released with the console's latest firmware update, enables developers to take advantage of increased clock speeds to improve game performance in several ways.
At launch Nintendo limited the console's docked CPU speed to 1020MHz and the GPU to 768MHz. These figures were both substantially below the performance found in Nvidia Shield Android TV, which uses the same Tegra X1 processor as the Switch. In handheld mode, however, the GPU was further slashed to 40-50% of that figure (between 307.2 and 384MHz). While this conservative clock speed helps prevent your Switch from cooking itself into a mess of melted plastic and electronics, it presents developers with some very stringent limitations.
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Rumour: Forza Street Source Code Suggests A Switch Release Has Been Given The Green Light

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Racing ahead.
A few weeks ago, Forza fans got a surprise when the Windows 10 game Miami Street by Electric Square was rebranded Forza Street. While the free-to-play game is only accessible on the Microsoft Store at the moment, it will soon be made available on Android and iOS devices.
There’s now a rumour suggesting this new entry in the Forza racing series could be making its way across to the Switch in the near future as well. According to , dataminers have sifted through Forza Street’s source code and discovered Nintendo’s hybrid system is referenced multiple times. Here's the evidence:
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New 'Pokémon Pass' Mobile App Now Available, Rewards Users With Shiny Pokémon And More

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Get digital rewards.
Update: Just a couple of hours after we reported on the rumoured app, it became a reality. Pokémon Pass has now been officially revealed and is available to download right now on Android and iOS in the US.
We have a trailer and formation for you below:
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