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Sea of Thieves - Anniversary Update Announce Trailer

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The Anniversary Edition, including The Arena and Tall Tales Shores of Gold, with new quests and more, will be available on April 30.


GTA Online Gets Arena War Content Creator and New RC Races

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Build your own races and deathmatches for the deadly Arena War vehicles, or jump into new races for the tiny RC Banditos.


PlanetSide Arena Further Delayed Until Summer, Also Comes To PS4

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PlanetSide Arena is a new massive Sci-fi arena shooter to feature match-based PvP combat, class-based gameplay and unique seasonal progression mechanics.


Arena of Valor 2018 Championship gets a whopping $600,000 prize pool

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Arena of Valor 2018 Championship gets a whopping $600,000 prize pool  Earlier today, Tencent laid out its plans for this year's Arena of Valor International Championship, announcing a hefty $600,000 prize pool for competitors to duke it out over.
The championship will see 16 major clubs work their way from regional competitions all the way up to the semifinals and finals in Thailand, set to take place on December 15-16 – tickets for those go on sale November 19th.
The top four teams from the regionals will automatically progress to Thailand while the other 12 will hop on over to Vietnam to compete in a qualifier that's set to begin on November 23rd.
Fans will likely already know that season 2 of the Valor Series is currently underway, with weekly competitions taking place in the West to decide who will progress to the regional rounds that are scheduled for November 9-10 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Gods of Arena: Battles

Added: 02.01.2018 15:07 | 0 views | 0 comments The arena is calling upon you.. Are you ready to embrace the arena's cold fate? Enter the halls of eternal fame and fortune! Gods of Arena: Battles is the next multiplayer game sequel of the already popular Gods of Arena game, where the battles are enhanced with more epic items, better game playing balance, lots of fighting tactics, teams of gladiators and most of all, the Multiplayer Mode where you play online against real people, well, their team of gladiators to be more real, in async time battles. Welcome to the fierce multiplayer Battles arena where you train your gladiators from scratch, buy lots of unique weapons, hire new warriors, and face gladiators from all across the world. Feel free to visit the Tavern where instead of having a rest and a good time with your friends, you will always end up fighting against gladiators which in fact are mercenaries controlled by the computer artificial intelligence. Grind for gold and coins in the Tavern, and once you become rich and famous, visit the Blacksmith facility where all the latest axes, sandals and swords, armors and shields, are already set on the shopping shelves. Only once your gladiator is pumped enough with skills, weapons, special attacks, and armors, you may enter the Multiplayer Arena, and fight for glory and fame! Good luck in Gods if Arena: Multiplayer Battles edition! Game Version Update:
- Money balance changed - Dimacher's Smite and Blade Dance use one weapon dmg, not both - Arena now requires 5 players minimum to start, 7 is the maximim - Arena is now 15 minutes (was 30) - XP balance changed - it will be easier to level up new gladiators

Gods of Arena

Added: 24.10.2015 8:50 | 0 views | 0 comments Train the best warriors in the land. Earn money from fighting so you can buy new equipment for your warriors and buy yourself some additional fighters. Win every tournament and be the Gods of Arena! Play Gods of Arena from your mobile phone, by downloading the Android or the IOS game version here:


Ultimate Arena Extreme

Added: 09.05.2012 23:42 | 0 views | 0 comments Fight against the AI characters as you knock them out of the park. Earn enough knockouts to win.


Bot Arena 2

Added: 13.06.2007 1:00 | 0 views | 0 comments One of the deepest and most advanced flash games ever. Bot arena 2 is also much improved version of the original bot arena. In BotArena it is your role to design and build a team of Bots, which you can use to win the BotArena Champion Cup. Every time you win a battle in BotArena you will win cash which you can use to upgrade your bots for use in larger division battles. Enjoy bot arena 2.

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