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Work on emulating the Nintendo DS on the PSVita starts again – Rinnegatamante currently porting melonDS to the PSVita

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Back in August 2016, when HENkaku was just released, the PSVita received its first PSVita emulator. However, as most people know, this emulator didn't perform well enough to run any games at a playable&...&...&...


[NSFW] Hentai Game Review: My Slut Girlfriend - Hentai Reviews

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KanoBitch ~Kanojo ga Bitch ni natta Riyuu, (eng. My Slut Girlfriend), a hentai visual novel developed and published by Jinsei Tsuukoudome. Released August 17, 2018. For PC Windows. Japanese female voice acting. Ryousuke's childhood friend Mai is a popular girl. He's dated every boy in town except him. Ryousuke invites Mai over, and confesses his feelings for her. He learns just how "popular" she's been with the guys, and how skilled that's made her. So begins a heart-warming journey to psychological healing.


The Messenger's Quality Of Life Update Will Be Ready "Sometime" This Month

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Adds New Game Plus mode and more.
One of the standout indie releases this year has been - developed by Sabotage and published by Devolver Digital. Released in August on the Switch eShop, the 2D side-scroller draws inspiration from the original game and enhances the experience with elements of 8-bit and 16-bit time travel.
If you have managed to complete this challenging title, you'll be pleased to hear additional content is on the way - with Sabotage confirming its QOL update including "new mystery" and a New Game Plus mode. Below are the official details:
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