Saturday, 23 March 2019
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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Behind the Scenes: The Sound of The Division 2 Video

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the sound of The Division 2.


Tom Clancys The Division 2: Behind the Scenes | The Sound of The Division 2

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Unveil the secrets behind the sound of The Division 2.  


Feature: Uncovering The Story Behind Nintendo's Most Bizarre Tie-In

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‘90s Mario mania, posthumous endorsements and White Knuckle Scorin'...
Uncanny, no?
It’s Saturday morning and we’re relaxing on the sofa with a coffee, idly scrolling through Twitter while MTV Classics plays in the background. The 1992 video for Roy Orbison’s posthumously released track 'I Drove All Night' plays. Now, we’re partial to Roy, the American singer-songwriter behind such classics as 'You Got It' and 'In Dreams'. He rose to fame in the ‘60s and was in the midst of a career renaissance in 1988 when a heart attack took him at the age of 52. His back catalogue enjoyed a revival shortly afterwards, thanks partly to the prominent use of his signature track in the hit film Pretty Woman. Consequently, despite hailing from an earlier generation, Orbison’s songs fire up late ‘80s, early ‘90s nostalgia for us in the same way as double denim and .
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Devil May Cry 5 Video Shares the Philosophy Behind the "Smokin' Sexy Style"

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Devil May Cry 5 has recently been welcomed very positively both by fans and critics, and today Capcom celebrated by releasing an interesting video.


Media Create Will No Longer Share Japanese Sales Data Publicly

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Behind closed doors.
Recently, the head of Media Create Atsushi Hosokawa told the practice of releasing Japanese hardware and software sales data publicly may not continue. Now, after a company review, the team has decided to no longer share sales figures with the general public on a weekly basis.
Starting next month, Media Create data will require interested parties to pay to access sales figures. In terms of freely accessible sales data, Famitsu will potentially fill the void, although this data may not be as accurate. Media Create has been providing Japanese video game sales data to the public since 1994.
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