Friday, 21 February 2020
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Fight Like Byleth In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Upcoming Tournament

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Starts this Friday.
It's now been exactly a week since Byleth from was to roster as a DLC fighter. To continue celebrations, this week Nintendo is hosting a special tournament for fighters who wield bows, spears, and axes.
According to Japanese Nintendo, the event is officially titled "Byleth teaches everyone practical skills" and will begin this Friday, on 7th February, and lasts for a total of three days (as usual). Above is a look at the event artwork from the official Super Smash Bros. .
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Byleth DLC Review

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Byleth can't help but feel a little bland when standing among the mechanically-diverse lineup of other DLC fighters - but their straightforward moves can still give you something to believe in.

Byleth Now Available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

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Byleth, the fifth and final character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first Fighters Pass, is now available.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 7.0.0 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

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Includes fighter adjustments and much more.
As you might have heard, Byleth from is in . Of course, that means there's now also a brand new update for the game.
Version 7.0.0 adds plenty of other Fire Emblem content, new costumes, spirits and fixes several issues to improve the gameplay experience. We have the full patch notes for you below:
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Byleth Is Available In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Right Now

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The representative of the Three Houses has arrived.
Well, after a false alarm Byleth was available in , we can now confirm the protagonist from really has been added to Nintendo's all-star brawler as the fifth DLC fighter.
If you already have your hands on the Fighters Pass, it's simply a matter of updating the game. If you're purchasing the new fighter individually, you'll need to head over to the Switch eShop to claim this character.
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Reminder: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 5th DLC Fighter, Byleth, Arrives Today

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Find out when within...
Update: A very recent update stated that Byleth is available right now, although as you may have found out for yourselves we’re still waiting for the fighter to drop. In our excitement, we pushed a button early - our apologies! We’ll be sure to update again when the fighter is actually available.
If all goes according to plan (and it's worth noting that it might not), then Byleth should be launching today (January 28th at 6PM PDT) in North America and tomorrow (January 29th at 3AM CEST) in Europe. Pre-orders for the Fighters Pass Vol.2 should also be going live at the same time.
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Reminder: Nintendo Rolls Out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 7.0 Next Week

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Byleth is on the way.
Last week, Nintendo revealed its new DLC fighter Byleth for . At the time, Masahiro Sakurai explained how the latest addition to the roster would take a little more time to prepare and wouldn't be until 28th January.
Now, in a small update over on Twitter, the Nintendo Versus account has reminded fans the Version 7.0 will be arriving within a week. It's expected to include fighter adjustments, and as usual, replay data from previous versions will no longer be compatible.
Byleth will be followed by another six fighters. There'll even be a called the 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2' made available for pre-purchase on 28th January that comes with the Ancient Soldier costume (for the Mii Fighter).
Are you looking forward to playing as Byleth from in Nintendo's all-star brawler? Tell us in the comments below.
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Rumour: Crash Bandicoot Is Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter 6, According To Byleth Leaker

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Here we go again...
The rumours are already starting to circulate around 's (do they ever stop?), and this time is the talk of the town.
This supposed 'leak' comes from a Twitter user going by the name , a seemingly new face in the ever-growing rumour scene who first posted on the platform in October last year. Back then, they correctly suggested that would be the game's fifth DLC fighter ahead of time, before noting that Crash would be fighter number six in another message on the very same day.
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Nintendo Reveals The Playable Characters In The Next Wave Of DLC For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Prepare for battle, again.
Last week, the protagonist of Byleth was announced for as a DLC character and it was also revealed a fourth house would be added to the newest Fire Emblem entry on Switch.
So far, we know the fourth house featured in the fourth Expansion DLC – Cindered Shadows – will be called The Ashen Wolves. As , it's 'A house in name alone' as it's made up of disenfranchised students in need of guidance, and reside in the Abyss beneath Garreg Mach.
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Goku (Ultra Instinct) Is Joining Dragon Ball FighterZ As A DLC Character

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The ultimate fighter.
It's been an exciting week for fans of fighting games with Joker unveiled for , Byleth from announced for (even if Sakurai doesn't necessarily think it's always a fighting game), and last but not least, another Goku teased for Bandai Namco's 2018 release, .
This time around it's his Ultra Instinct form. If you've watched the anime Dragon Ball Super, you should know exactly what we're talking about. If you haven't though, it's essentially his ultimate fighting form.
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