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8 Characters We Would Like to See in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2

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Now that Cooler and Android 17 are out for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Season 1 is officially done. And although a second season has not yet been officially confirmed, the games massive success would indicate that Bandai Namco will continue working on it moving forward. Theres a slew of Dragon Ball characters that could theoretically make the cut but these are the ones we are most excited about.

How to Unlock Characters and More in Super Mario Party

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Learn how to add new characters to your roaster, unlock a hidden board, and more with this Super Mario Party wiki.

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'Injustice 2' Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Characters Including Constantine, Penguin, and More

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NetherRealm Studios' Injustice 2 released over a year ago, and while buzz for the fighting game has dwindled, a fresh new batch of concept art it has surfaced: revealing characters that never made it into the final product.

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Ubisoft Eager To Find Out Most Loved Mario Characters In New Subscriber Survey

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Is a sequel to Mario + Rabbids on the way?
Ubisoft and Nintendo have arguably never had a better relationship and it's all thanks to . Earlier this year, it was revealed the game had become the highest selling third-party title on the Switch - placing the French-based publisher in the overall lead in terms of third-party sales on the platform. More , Ubisoft's full-year sales and earnings figures for the 2017-18 period showed seven percent of its sales were attributed to the Mario and Rabbid crossover - with two million copies sold. If that wasn't enough, on Switch looks to be the most anticipated version of the game - all because of a cameo from the crew.
Ubisoft is obviously happy with the current arrangement, as it's now sending out surveys to its email subscribers asking about their favourite characters in the Mario universe. As shown by a user on (see below), on one page there is Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina and Peach, and on the other is Daisy, the Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Birdo, Kamek and Bowser. As Ubisoft has not explained why it is asking this question, there's now it is linked to a potential sequel for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle or it's for an entirely new crossover game set in the Mario universe.
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F*** Batman: 10 DC Characters Who Owned The Dark Knight

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With Titans' Robin having some choice words for the Caped Crusader, we look at other DC characters who've evoked the same sentiment.

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How to Unlock Characters and More in Super Mario Party

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Learn how to add new characters to your roaster, unlock a hidden board, and more with this Super Mario Party wiki.

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Random: Refusing To High Five Characters In Super Mario Party Has Hilarious Results

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"Ready... nope".
If you've been playing over the last few days, you've probably already started to hear the words "Ready... Yeah!" in your dreams (or nightmares). If you're unaware, a feature in the game has players regularly giving each other high fives for extra coins or time in different modes, with the characters on screen performing said high five with all of the cuteness and happiness you might expect.
But what happens if you downright refuse to congratulate your teammates for a good job, and instead leave them hanging like the world's saddest Disneyland mascot? Well, as it turns out, each character has their own disgruntled response, and seeing Mario and co. get genuinely annoyed at your lack of cooperation is strangely enjoyable to watch.
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Random: Here Are The Best Super Mario Party Characters According To Dice Roll Statistics

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Yoshi's a bit rubbish.
If you picked up a copy of over the weekend, you've probably already experienced the strange blend of fun, laugh-out-loud gaming and sudden, utter hatred for those who used to be your closest friends. Well, if you want to be the life of the party - and, crucially, take home first place every time - this may well be the article for you.
A Reddit user going by the name of has been super busy since the game's release, analysing each and every character's unique dice abilities to see who comes out on top. The findings have been shared in a , which takes into account the average dice roll you can expect to get with each character, rolls that can generate coins (the yellow segments), and more; be warned, though, that minor spoilers will reveal characters which aren't unlocked from the start of the game.
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No Yakuza Characters Will Appear in Project Judge, Yakuza Studio Head Confirms

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Yakuza series and Project Judge lead Toshihiro Nagoshi tells IGN Japan that Yakuza characters aren’t a good fit for his new detective epic.

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