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Feature: How A Chinese Studio Has Revived Fire Emblem's Biggest Rival, Langrisser

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And there's the chance it could come to Switch.
While Nintendo's Fire Emblem series is world famous, Masaya's franchise (you might know it better as Warsong, the western name given to the original Mega Drive / Genesis game) is less well known; its origins line in a series of turn-based strategy titles on the PC Engine, and during the early '90s it became a solid rival for Fire Emblem, with instalments on the Mega Drive, Super Famicom, PlayStation, Saturn, Wonderswan and even the ill-fated .
However, when Career Soft – the team within Masaya responsible for the series – was spun off as an independent studio, it marked the beginning of the end for the 'classic' era of the franchise, during which Career Soft would provide the finely-honed gameplay, would compose the epic tunes and Satoshi Urushihara would supply a cast of impeccably-detailed characters – including more than a few doe-eyed female protagonists. 1999's Langrisser V: The End of Legend really lived up to its name; Career Soft parted ways with Masaya and started the Growlancer series at Atlus, and would later work on the Shin Megami Tensei sub-series Devil Survivor before being totally absorbed into the company in 2012.
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Random: Rapper Soulja Boy Just Launched A Pair Of Game Consoles, So Of Course There's A Catch

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Soulja Boy tells ’em (to buy these trash machines).
We pride ourselves on only listening to music recorded before 1999 here at Nintendo Life, so prior to being chained to a desk and forced to write this story, we had absolutely no idea who Soulja Boy was, what songs he'd done or why he's such a big deal. A few minutes of slack-jawed research later, and we now know that he's currently peddling a line of games consoles that essentially run a bunch of emulators and come packed with (we can reasonably assume) unlicenced ROMs.
That's right, Soulja Boy – whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way – is basically selling a pair of cheap Chinese gaming machines and is passing them off as his own unique vision. To make the whole situation even more amusing, he's charging more for the device than it costs to buy them directly from the manufacturer.
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Starlink And Dark Souls Porting Studio Virtuos Shares Switch Development Advice

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"Don’t try to force what worked on other platforms".
If there's one name that pops up most frequently when talking about the great quality ports that have been arriving on Switch over the last few months, it's probably Panic Button. The , and porting masters have received an awful lot of praise in recent times, but Virtuos is another studio certainly worthy of such recognition.
The Chinese studio has now been responsible for three major Switch ports (, , and ), all of which turned out to be a joy to play, and has also previously worked on franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy. Keen to share their Switch-based wisdom, members of the studio have provided some interesting and insightful advice for other developers in a recent interview with :
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Chinese Bureau Receives Plaque From Nintendo For Enforcing Copyright Laws

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A job well done.
Nintendo is serious about protecting its intellectual properties. Recently, the Japanese company has on trademark and copyright infringement in different locations around the globe. In an attempt to spread the message far and wide, it has now awarded a plaque to the Shenzhen Bureau for "protecting copyrights" and the rights of various companies. Here's a picture of the special moment, courtesy of :
As noted by , Nintendo has no official presence within mainland China but is still aware of the ongoing problems in the country when it comes to video game piracy. It's known to have countered this previously by protecting certain brands with trademarks.
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Ubisoft Changes Mind on Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Censorship

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Screen Rant writes, "After announcing plans to censor the aesthetic design of Rainbow Six Siege to comply with Chinese regulations, Ubisoft changes their minds."

Winnie the Pooh censored in Chinese version of Kingdom Hearts 3

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According to reports, the Chinese version of Kingdom Hearts 3 might censor Winnie the Pooh. This comes following China's ban of Winnie the Pooh after memes drew comparisons between President Xi Jingping and the bear, mocking the leader.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Reverses Planned Changes for Chinese Market

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Rainbow Six Siege is removing controversial censored visual elements following player backlash.


Henk Rogers On His First Impressions Of Tetris And Persuading Nintendo To Bundle It With The Game Boy

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Not a bad decision, huh?
At this point, everyone and their cat knows about ; the highscore-chasing, block-placing phenomenon has sold hundreds of millions of copies around the world, captivating the minds of its players for years on end. One cog in the Tetris success machine is Henk Rogers, a game designer known for securing the rights to release the title on dedicated gaming consoles and for bringing the game to North America and Europe, and he's recently sat down with to talk about its amazing journey.
The interview itself is in Japanese, so you'll struggle to read it through unless you're fluent in the language, but the article's author Daniel Robson has shared a handful of quotes on his personal account. In one such quote, Rogers talks about when he saw Tetris for the first time (if you're unaware, 'Go' is a Chinese board game in which players must move stones to claim more territory than their opponent).
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