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Robert Kirkman's Invincible Gets a Release Date and New Clip

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Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman announced when his new adult animated series, Invincible, will make its debut on Amazon Prime Video.

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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough - The Days After Heaven [Part 73]

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Nanako has been rescued, and is in the hospital after her ordeal. Rem has no choice but to wait for her to recover, and returns to school. He and Naoto continue to pursue the person that robbed Shirogane manner. Naoto seems to be relishing the investigation. Diasuke and Ren conspire to host a basketball game to try and get Kuo out of his depression. They lose a close game, and Kuo open up about feeling replaced by his younger sibling. He is adopted, and not sure that he has a place in the family anymore. He is considering returning to the orphanage and seeing if he can find out more about his birth parents. There is a movie in the theater that Rise has been dying to see, so Ren invites her out. The love story speaks to Rise, and her persona grows in power in response.

Chrome 88 now available - no Flash, better security

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With plenty of readers using Chrome as browser on Windows Surface devices or Android-running smartphones, I thought it worth noting that Google has now released Chrome 88 for all supported operating systems. This release is particularly important because it's a security powerhouse update that patches a total of 36 different security vulnerabilities, one critical. Plus it officially drops all Adobe Flash support. Which will, too, help security.

Google released Chrome 88 to the stable channel on January 19, 2021. The new browser version includes some cool changes, including an improved dark theme for Windows 10 and the beginning of less intrusive permission prompts. Here are the highlights.

Better Dark Theme Support on Windows 10

chrome 88 dark scroll bars

Chrome has supported Windows 10’s system-wide dark theme for a while, but Chrome 88 makes it a little better. Dark Theme now applies to scroll bars on many of Chrome’s internal pages. That includes Settings, Bookmarks, History, New Tab Page, and more. It’s not yet present on websites that support dark themes.

No More FTP in Google Chrome

With Chrome 88, Google Chrome FTP URLs—in other words, ftp:// addresses.

FTP support is a legacy feature that has no support for encrypted connections (no FTPS). An attacker could modify files you’re downloading in transit, unlike with encrypted HTTPS or FTPS where this isn’t possible. As Chrome and other browsers are shifting toward an always-encrypted web, dropping old protocols like this makes sense.

Google has been working on removing FTP from Chrome for a while, but it was still available for some people—and a flag could enable it. Google’s usage data showed that very few people used FTP. Now, all FTP support is disabled. If you want to use FTP, you’ll need a separate FTP app.

No More Support for Mac OS X Yosemite

Google is officially dropping support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite in Chrome 88. Mac users will need OS X 10.11 El Capitan or newer to use Chrome 88. This shouldn’t come as a shock, since Apple hasn’t supported Yosemite since 2017.

Legacy Browser Add-on Gone for Good

With , Google removed its Legacy Browser Support add-on as the functionality became baked into Chrome. Chrome 88 takes it a step further and disables all installed instances of the add-on.

LBS was designed for IT admins to call up Microsoft Internet Explorer in Chrome for older apps written for that browser as well as intranet sites. Since it’s now built into Chrome, the add-on is unnecessary.

Less Intrusive Permission Requests

permission chip

Chrome 88 is experimenting with a smaller and less intrusive way to ask for permissions. Instead of the pop-up that covers the website content, a new "chip" appears to the left of the URL.

The chip first appears with full text such as "Use Your Location?" After a few seconds, it minimizes to simply a small icon. Clicking the chip, which appears as a blue oval, brings up the permission prompt you’re used to seeing.

You can try out the new permission "chips" right now by enabling the flag at chrome://flags/#permission-chip

Testing Light & Dark Themes for Chrome OS

chrome os light and dark theme

Google is testing more defined light and dark themes for Chromebooks. The theme can be toggled from the Quick Settings menu. Themes affect the Shelf, App Launcher, and Quick Settings panel. Not everything is working 100% right now.

If you’d like to try this out on a Chrome OS system, the flag can be enabled at chrome://flags/#dark-light-mode. After you reboot, the Theme toggle will appear in the Quick Settings.

Tab Search Comes to Desktop

search in the top of the pop up

Chrome 87 brought a to Chromebooks, but it wasn’t available on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Chrome 88 brings it to those platforms via a Chrome flag.

When it’s enabled, you get a drop-down arrow in the top tab bar that shows all of your open tabs when selected. You can then use the integrated search bar to find the tab you’re looking for.

To get this feature in Chrome 88, enable the Tab Search flag at chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search.


Developer Goodies

Much of what’s new in every Chrome release is under the hood, and Chrome 88 is no exception. Google has outlined many of these changes on its and the :

  • Digital Goods API: Web apps published in the Google Play Store can now use Play Store billing just like native apps.
  • WebXR: AR Lighting Estimation: For AR and VR content on Android, lighting estimation can help to make models feel more natural and like they "fit" better with the user’s environment.
  • Anchor target=_blank implies rel=noopener by Default: To defend against "tab-napping" attacks, anchors that target _blank will behave as though rel is set to noopener.
  • CSS aspect-ratio Property: This allows explicitly specifying an aspect ratio for any element to get similar behavior to a replaced element.
  • Origin Isolation: Web apps can choose to increase a page’s security in exchange for giving up access to certain APIs.
  • JavaScript Engine: Chrome 88 incorporates version 8.8 of the V8 JavaScript engine.

As always, Chrome will automatically install the update when it’s available. To , click menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough - Getting to Know Naoto [Part 64]

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The school cultural festival is coming, and Ren's class needs a theme for their activity. Yukiko enters "Group Date Cafe" as a joke, which shockingly wins the vote. Now they are stuck with trying to actually pull off the plan. Kanji and Ren reach the final rank of their bond. Kanji's resolve transforms his Persona, which grows more powerful. Kanji then teaches Ren how to make cute oven mitts (seriously). Ren takes the opportunity to get to know Naoto outside the investigation. Someone has stolen some of Naoto's childhood possessions, and seems to be toying with her. Naoto brushes it off, and seems to be reluctant to involve Ren.

Guerrilla Slows Down Horizon Zero Dawn PC Updates to Focus on Sequel

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Guerrilla will release patches for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC at a slower rate as they work on the game's sequel.

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Anodyne 2 - Console Release Date Trailer

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Watch the latest trailer for this 2D and 3D adventure game, inspired by the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 era. Anodyne 2 will be available on February 18, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In Anodyne 2, awaken to a surreal realm of dream-logic as Nova, The Center's newest-appointed Nano Cleaner. After Nova's guardians welcome her to the world, they explain her purpose: shrinking to enter denizens of the land, then removing any Nano Dust distorting their emotions and desires. Go forth into the beautifully bizarre world of New Theland on a journey playing with the conventions of genre, perspective, and tone.

Apex Legends: New Legend and Season 8 Release Date Revealed

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Kings Canyon will never be the same in Apex Legends season 8, not once the new legend gets his metal hands on it.

Rustler - Early Access Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Check out the trailer for the upcoming game and get ready to steal horses, fight guards, and rob peasants when Rustler launches in Steam Early Access on February 18, 2021. In Rustler, play as anti-hero Guy, a brigand determined to win The Great Tournament for its grand prize of the princess' hand in marriage. Complete quests to win The Great Tournament, terrorize townspeople, shoot cows into the sky, and cause absolute mayhem as a medieval thug.

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