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Dangerous Driving Review | TheXboxHub

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Neil writes: "It is this game which has players across the globe chomping at the bit, as they look for a new arcade racer that can manage to deliver the same experience as that found across the entirety of the legendary Burnout franchise. Unfortunately, as much as I and many others would like it to be, this is no Burnout beater. In fact, its nowhere near."


Dangerous Driving Interview: Alex Ward On Burnout, Car Tuning, Dangerous Driving 2 & More

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From PSU: "With Dangerous Driving now on the shelves and doing a commendable job of cementing itself as a true spiritual successor to the Burnout titles of old, we were fortunate enough to have a chinwag with Alex Ward, one of the founders of both new developer Three Fields Entertainment, and also Criterion Games from back in the day."

Dangerous Driving Runs At 30FPS On Base PS4 & Xbox One Hardware - Here's Why

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From PSU: "One of the things that contributes to the frenetic sensation of the classic Burnout games is the liquid smooth framerate. Running at a resolute 60 frames per second, the Burnout games of old were renowned for their ultra-responsive play and when Burnout Paradise: Remastered was released on PS4 last year, it too also boasted a similarly, liquid smooth framerate."

Elite Dangerous Update 2019 - Coming 23 April 2019

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As mentioned in the beginning of March, this year's initial updates will focus on introducing quality of life improvements and improving the welcoming experience for beginners. This update brings with it two new modules to help get you out there, engaging in and exploring all that there is to discover - as well as ensure that you're able to access in-game information and training from the seat of your cockpit!


Dangerous Driving - Launch Trailer

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The game is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dangerous Driving - Launch Trailer

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The game is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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