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Microsoft Asked The Studio Behind Cuphead To Bring The Game To Switch

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An active approach.
When was revealed during the recent Nindie Direct presentation, it somewhat confirmed about Microsoft bringing a selection of Xbox exclusives to the Nintendo Switch.
As surreal as it might be, it's got many people wondering how such an idea came about in the first place. According to from Easy Allies – who spoke to one of the Cuphead developers at the 2019 Game Developers Conference yesterday – Microsoft actively approached StudioMDHR and asked the team if it would create a Switch version of the classic run and gun 2D platformer.
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Feature: Nintendo Indie Collaborations And Crossovers We’d Like To See

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Tasty indie matchings with some cherished favourite franchises.
The announcement of (to give its unwieldy full name) in was a delightful surprise. Although we’d heard whispers of possibly releasing this year, this collaboration with an indie studio Brace Yourself Games – a developer with just one (very successful) game to its name – is somewhat unprecedented; Nintendo is letting an indie developer play with one of its big-name franchises. It wasn’t long ago when Nintendo wouldn’t acknowledge the existence of small developers unless they had a non-residential office address.
The company’s approach to indies has evidently changed a lot since the WiiWare days. It all seems to have come about thanks to by the team for which really fired up Nintendo’s interest. It's heartening to see the company embracing the spirit and talent of these studios - yesterday’s ‘Nindies’ Direct was full of strong titles across a variety of genres. The strategy of using these reveal videos to plug gaps between bigger Directs seems to be working very well. Indeed, some might argue that yesterday’s video was better than some of the company’s more lacklustre Directs.
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6 Awesome Games from Nintendos Spring Showcase

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Nintendo's Nindies Direct was action packed and we got to check out a bunch of games! Check it out.


6 Awesome Games from Nintendo's Spring Showcase

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Nintendo's Nindies Direct was action packed and we got to check out a bunch of games! Check it out.


The Free Wizard Of Legend Sky Palace Update Is Now Available

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Return to the wizard world.
Yesterday, Nintendo fans were bombarded with a bunch of indie game announcements. It's all thanks to the recent Nindie Direct presentation, showcasing a variety of upcoming Switch eShop releases.
With the spotlight still on the smaller side of development, Contingent99 has taken the opportunity to surprise everyone by releasing its free content update for . In case you forgot, we're talking about the Sky Palace update, originally announced . Below is a description, overview and trailer:
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How The Crypt Of The NecroDancer Developer Got To Work With Zelda

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Nintendo was just as interested.
The last and arguably most surprising announcement during the recent Nindie Direct was . Many hours on, we're still scratching our heads wondering how the heck an indie developer has got the rights to create a title based on one of the most iconic Nintendo series of all-time.
To shed some light on the situation, IGN recently spoke to Ryan Clark, the founder of developer Brace Yourself Games. It all started when the Vancouver-based studio began thinking about its next project for the Nintendo Switch and thought how cool it would be to have Zelda characters in NecroDancer as downloadable content. Surprisingly, Nintendo was "extremely interested in the prospect" when it was approached and this resulted in an entirely new game, mashing together the roguelike rhythm experience with the famous action-adventure series.
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The Red Lantern Slides Onto Switch Later This Year

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The Alaskan dog sled sim you didn't know you needed.
Coming from Timberline Studios, is confirmed to be coming to Switch sometime this year. Lindsay Rostal, the game's director, presented game footage in today's Nindie Direct detailing some of the things you'll be getting up to in this story-driven dog sled sim.
Featuring roguelike elements and 'hundreds' of possible unique events, the game follows a woman as she takes part in real life annual Iditarod dog race. From the trailer, it looks very much like a journey of self-discovery along the lines of .
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