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Random: The Internet Is Obsessed With Nintendo's Good Boy, Undodog

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The top dog in Super Mario Maker 2.
One of the highlights during the recent Direct presentation was the confirmation of Undodog, a good boy who is one of the many helpful characters Mario will encounter in the brand new story mode.
If you're not familiar with Undodog (), he first appeared in the 1992 Super Nintendo title, on the Super Nintendo. Since then, he's made cameo appearances in the series and has also featured in on the Wii U and . His primary function, if it wasn't already obvious, is to undo the player's last action.
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Video: 19 Secret Details Hidden In The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Presentation

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Watch and learn.
You've watched the Direct multiple times over, found out a bit more thanks to the game's eShop listing and perhaps heard more detailed , so why not take the time out to listen to our lovely senior video producer, Alex Olney, talk about 19 secret details hidden in the latest presentation.
Yep, we're referring to the interesting things that were actually featured Nintendo's latest presentation but weren't actually discussed by Nintendo. We're talking about small pipes, angled pipes, Goombrats, clear conditions, the ability to dislike courses, medals – which appear to replicate an achievement system and much more. To hear what else you can expect to encounter in this upcoming sequel, make sure you watch the video above.
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It Looks Like Super Mario Maker 2 Will Include Same-Screen Multiplayer

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Play through levels together on a single Switch.
The recent Direct presentation earlier this week bombarded us with a stack of new information about the upcoming Switch release, within the space of 17-minutes.
While Nintendo has made it clear the game will support 4-player online and local wireless multiplayer, the press release doesn't clarify if you'll be able to play the game alongside your friends and family on a single Switch unit. We know you can create levels with one other person in co-op making, but whether you can actually play them together is currently unknown.
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Korean Ratings Board Suggests Luigi's Mansion 3 Will Be Ready To Scare This Summer

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Spooky stuff.
With all the hype surrounding the next game, the DLC and more recently, we wouldn't hold it against you if you forgot Luigi's next spooky outing for the Switch is also due out this year.
In case it slipped your mind, was first announced by Nintendo during a Direct presentation in September 2018. We got a teaser displaying the work in progress, but since then, there's been little to nothing revealed about the game. In fact, every news item so far has been tied to a retailer listing.
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New Hammer Power-Up Spotted In Japanese Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

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Hammer time.
There was a lot to absorb during yesterday's Direct presentation. We found out about the game's story mode, new multiplayer options and extra game styles. Did you know, however, Japan received a slightly different Direct? Yep, the one Japanese viewers saw might have revealed even formation about the anticipated Switch release.
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SanDisk's 1TB Micro SD Card Is Perfect For Your Switch, And It's Finally Available To Buy

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But it isn't cheap!
Nintendo is making quite a large push to encourage its customers to download their flagship games on the Switch, rather than by physically on a game card (which obviously has associated manufacturing costs among other things. During the Direct yesterday, Nintendo even unveiled a rather tempting which will no doubt stimulate growth in digital sales even more.
If you are anything like us, your puny micro SD card is struggling to keep up with the weight of all these retail downloads. Sure, , but some third-party games such as can take up 31.5GB of space, so Switch owners are turning to ever-larger micro SD cards in order to store all their games so they don't have to keep deleting and redownloading all the time.
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Super Famicom Logo In Super Mario Maker 2 Has Fans Speculating

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What does it mean?
If you watched the Direct last night (or perhaps you're catching up this morning), you might have caught Mario hopping into a Koopa Troopa Car and zipping through the sections. Looks pretty neat, no? You might also have noticed a logo fade up briefly when Mario jumps into his newfound set of wheels. Watch the video above to see for yourself.
Yes, the Super Famicom logo appears and vanishes as the plumber takes to the wheel. This has led to speculation amongst some fans as to the exact meaning. Is Nintendo dropping hints about Super Famicom games coming to Switch Online? Is the company just trolling us as it ?
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Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational Event To Take Place Days Before E3

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Watch the action live.
Revealed as part of yesterday's Direct - which you can - was the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019.
Despite the fact that the game won't even be released by this point, the event will be taking place on 8th June - just days before E3 kicks off. It'll see four members of the Super Mario Maker community competing in a variety of crazy Mario courses designed within the new game by Nintendo's Treehouse Team. If you're excited about the game's release and are hoping to see more, this event could well serve as your next fix.
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Will Nintendo Add More Game Styles To Super Mario Maker 2?

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It looks like there's a real chance.
If you managed to catch the Direct earlier on, you likely saw the segment where the new game style based on was revealed.
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Get Inspired By The New Story Mode In Super Mario Maker 2

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Rebuild the castle.
Nintendo just released a truckload of new information about in its latest Direct presentation. One of the highlights of the 15-minute clip was the news the game would receive its very own story mode.
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