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Retro Shoot ‘Em Up Cotton Making A Surprise Comeback On Switch

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Great news for shoot 'em up aficionado as Beep has officially confirmed it is working on a brand new Cotton franchise reboot – heading to multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. While there isn't much information about this new entry at the moment, the company has revealed it will be based on the X68000 Japanese computer home conversion of the first game in the series, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams.
For those unfamiliar with the Success-developed series, it consists of horizontal shmups (with the exception of the technically impressive Sega Mega Drive outing, ) and has the player controlling a titular witch named Cotton and her fairy companion Silk, while navigating colourful yet increasingly difficult levels that usually end with huge boss fights.
Are you a fan of the Cotton series? Are you looking forward to once again taking control of Cotton and mowing down wave after wave of cute enemies with your lethal magic? Cast your incantations in the comments section below.
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Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 Getting A SNES Reprint Courtesy Of iam8bit

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Woah, Nelly!
that the original team behind beloved 16-bit platformer is getting back together for a sequel on the confirmed that there's still an audience for the worm and his zany antics. His games on SNES and Genesis / Mega Drive were fun, slick-looking platformers and they are fondly remembered by many.
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Looks Like RetroBit's 6-Button Pad Will Be Essential For The Mega Drive Mini

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Coming in August.
Today, Sega announced 10 more games for its upcoming – and one of the most exciting inclusions is , the very first Sega port of Capcom's seminal one-on-one brawler.
There's just one small problem: the Mega Drive Mini ships with a 3-button pad in the west. has the 6-button pad required for making the most of Street Fighter II's 'three punch, three kick' button setup.
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Sega Mega Drive Mini Games List: 10 More Titles Revealed

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Street Fighter II! Alex Kidd! Ghouls 'n Ghosts! Sonic Spinball...
Update #2: Sega has confirmed the third batch of 10 games to be included on the Genesis / Mega Drive Mini in the west when it launches September this year. In addition to the 20 previously announced games (see below), the plug-and-play console will include the following:
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Talking Point: Not Appealing To Gamers First Is A Dangerous Strategy For The Sonic Movie

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Gotta go fast (away from this dumpster fire).
“Every hero has a Genesis,” the trailer tells us. Unfortunately, we’re not convinced anybody at Paramount has ever even seen one. Whether you’re a fan of the blue hedgehog’s original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive oeuvre, partial to his brave strides into the third dimension on Dreamcast or have been keeping up with his latest exploits across all platforms in the modern era, anybody who holds him in high esteem likely watched today’s reveal for the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film through their fingers in absolute horror. Regardless of which era you’re a fan of, the version coming to cinema screens in November doesn’t appear to please anyone who’s ever enjoyed a platformer starring Sega’s mascot.
Perhaps his timing is simply bad. The imminent release of Detective Pikachu and the deluge of media accompanying it leads to inevitable comparisons between the two video gaming franchise movies, but where the Pokémon film and its design has met with much praise after initial shock at the Pokémon's 'fur', it’s tough to find anyone who thinks that Sonic looks like anything but a nightmare.
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Troubled Genesis Brawler Paprium Is Apparently Back On Track

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Going into production soon.
Remember Developed by Watermelon — the studio behind the excellent — this side-scrolling fighter was supposed to launch on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive some time ago, funded by pre-orders pledged by the many fans desperate to see a new -style brawler come to the classic 16-bit system.
Unfortunately, the release window was missed and stories of Paprium’s troubled development began to emerge. Last year, , a rather laughable event which sums up Paprium’s life so far.
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Seagate PlayStation Game Drive Review

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Portable and convenient, the Seagate PlayStation Game Drive is a good solution for your game storage needs.

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UK Daily Deals: NOW TV Entertainment 3 Month Pass under £13, £380 off ASUS ROG Swift 27" 4K Monitor

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WD Elements SE Portable Hard Drive 4TB under £80, save up to 16% off PCs by Microsoft, Dell, HP and more, 40% off YI home security cameras.

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Made In Australia: We Talk Dead Static Drive With Team Fanclub

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WellPlayed speaks to Dead Static Drive creator Mike Blackney about the game known as 'Grand Theft Cthulhu'.

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