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DLC News on the DLScene May 19, 2018

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Get all the latest DLC news on the DLScene, including details on RAGE 2 and Dynasty Warriors 9


Guide: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - How To Unlock Zelda, Link, And All Other Characters

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Hyrule the world.
combines the universe and characters of with the addictive Dynasty Warriors franchise to create a pretty intriguing mashup. It still feels like a Zelda game – you play as Link, grab the Master Sword, and rescue Zelda – but the gameplay is all Dynasty Warriors. That means flashy combat against hundreds of monsters, capturing bases, and beating gigantic bosses.
If you played , you'll know a huge part of the fun involves playing as your favourite characters in a completely new way. In typical Zelda games, we're limited to playing as Link, but Hyrule Warriors gives you an opportunity to experience combat as the likes of fan favourites Zelda and Ganondorf alongside the more obscure Zant, Fi, and Midna.
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Dynasty Warriors 9 - Additional Weapons Pack Trailer

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Three weapons and three weapons modes are coming to the game for purchase and as part of the season pass.


Nintendo Download: 17th May (Europe)

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New games - and more - on the EU eShops.
This week's Nintendo Download update is in, bringing in tons of new games, demos, themes and activities to the EU eShops. As always, be sure to add a vote or two to the poll at the bottom of the article, and a comment with your chosen digital pickups. Enjoy!

Switch eShop

(Nintendo, €59.99 / £49.99)- Charge into battle with Hyrule’s mightiest legends in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Cut down entire legions of enemies using powerful, over-the-top Dynasty Warriors-style moves, and switch between multiple fan-favourite characters to enhance your strategies. -
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New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer and Screenshots Show Second DLC Weapon

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Koei Tecmo showcases the second weapon that will be included in the upcoming dedicated DLC releasing soon for Dynasty Warriors 9.

Dynasty War

Added: 05.05.2018 17:11 | 4 views | 0 comments Watch the bloody bodies fly as you send out your army to attack the enemy base.

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Tang Dynasty Inspired Style

Added: 04.05.2018 11:43 | 4 views | 0 comments Dress this model in beautiful modern dresses inspired by the Tang Dynasty.


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