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A Universe 11 Team Warrior Is Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Plus new Dragon Ball Z action RPG in the works.
It seems we did not have to wait after all for the official reveal later this month since the following tweet most certainly confirms a second season of characters DLC is on the way to .
While there are several candidates available to pick from the Universe 11 team, our top Nintendo Life Dragon Ball experts assure us that this means will be the first of the new DLC additions to the 2019 roster.
With no specific platform confirmations as of yet, there is also a big chance the new action RPG set in the Dragon Ball Z universe will also come to Nintendo's hybrid console. We look forward to the FighterZ finals for all official confirmations near the end of this month.
Are you still screaming at the TV while playing Dragon Ball Fighter Z on the Switch? Do you believe would be a better choice than Jiren? Anyone you would like to see added to the roster in 2019? Have your 'sayian' in the comments below.
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Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Teases Second Season On Bandai Namco Live Stream

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Tune into the finals for more details.
During Bandai Namco's "Dragon Ball Games Super Showcase" live stream featuring producer Tomoko Hiroki, the host of the event Dmitryi Khlynin enquired about a possible second season of fighters for the game This was Hiroki's reply:
"Yes. I really want to say it, but please wait until the FighterZ finals."
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Bandai Namco Might Be Teasing A Second Season For Dragon Ball FighterZ

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What are you saiyan?
is easily one of the best fighting games currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike many other third-party ports, this one makes no technical comprises. About the only downside is the fact a number of characters have been locked behind a paywall from day one. Even then, this content has still added some extra life to the game.
With this in consideration, there's a rumour floating about FighterZ could potentially receive a second season of DLC characters. According to our colleagues over at , Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe's has been acknowledging user comments requesting another batch of DLC fighters.
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Nintendo Support Webpage Suggests Mii Fighter Costume DLC Is Returning To Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Put on your best outfit.
Next year, Nintendo is releasing downloadable content for on the Switch. If you register the game before 31st January you'll receive the Piranha Plant fighter. After this, you can look forward to the five Challenger Packs - with each one containing a new fighter, new stage and new music. If you opt with the Fighters Pass, you'll also receive an exclusive Rex Mii Fighter costume.
Now, a on Nintendo's suggests more Mii Fighter costumes could perhaps be on the way. The website mentions how "Mii Fighter Costume" DLC will be available in 2019, including one costume for $0.75. As no further information is provided, it's hard to say what exactly it means at this point in time. This could be linked to the Rex costume - with plans to make it available outside of the Fighters Pass - or it could suggest Mii Fighter costume DLC is making a return on a much grander scale. Either way, it appears this DLC will be a separate transaction to the Fighters Pass.
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The King of Fighters 2002 Releasing December 27th on PS4

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Pure PlayStation: Hamster Co. has announced today that The King of Fighters 2002 will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on December 27th, 2018.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Deluxe Edition With All the DLC Announced for PS4 and Xbox One in Japan

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Today Bandai Namco announced the Dragon Ball FighterZ Deluxe Edition for the Japanese market.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Fans Unhappy As The Game Is Dropped From Another Tournament

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Last week, Dragon Ball FighterZ made headlines when the EVO Japan 2019 games line-up was revealed, and the popular 2018-fighter from Bandai Namco was missing. Now, Aksys Games has announced that the game also won't be present at Anime Ascension. And again, a reason why, isn't divulged and isn't obvious.

Marvel Ends Spider-Geddon and Infinity Wars This Week

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2018's final wave of new comics includes the return of the Freedom Fighters and the end of several major Marvel crossovers.



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