Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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The Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot Has Been Given The Greenlight

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It's happening.
Following the release of last month, it's now been confirmed a new Mortal Kombat movie, in the form of a reboot, is on the way.
The Warner Bros. action film will be shot in South Australia and is being led by the Malaysian-born Australian producer James Wan, who is best known for his work on the Saw series, Furious 7 and more recently Aquaman. Pre-production is already underway and filming is set to take place between September and December.
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Takashi Iizuka Believes The Blue Blur Has "Turned A Corner" Following The Release Of Sonic Mania

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Better than before.
has struggled to live up to expectations for a long time now. Unlike Nintendo's mascot, Mario, Sonic's adventures haven't always worked out, mostly because of his "gotta go fast" attitude and take on life. Fortunately, this all changed in 2017, when Christian Whitehead was given free run by Sega and reinvigorated the series with and eventually the DLC add-on .
Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka didn't take this for granted, either. During an interview with LadBible a few weeks ago, he briefly mentioned how important Mania had been to the Sonic franchise:
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Psyonix Releases Rocket League Roadmap To Outline Its Plans For This Summer

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Business as usual.
Following on from last week's epic , the developer Psyonix has now released a summer roadmap for the popular vehicular soccer video game to put any concerned minds at ease.
This roadmap highlights all of the new features and improvements coming to the game over the next several months. The developer also reassured fans Rocket League would continue to be shaped by the same team as well as the passion and feedback of the community. As for the acquisition itself, there's nothing new to report just yet:
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Nintendo Hints At Further Switch Online Exclusives Following Tetris 99

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"We need to continue offering elements like this".
In a from the end of March, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has highlighted the success of as a factor for increased Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions and hinted at further exclusives to help drive interest in the service.
Responding to investors' questions, Furukawa elaborated on membership trends and how Tetris 99's take on the battle royale genre has been a strong asset in keeping memberships to Nintendo's online service active. In order to continue expanding the service, he said 'we need to continue offering elements like this'. Here's the full question and his response:
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Nintendo Adds Three More Games To The Switch Online NES Library Next Week

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Surprise, surprise.
Following on from last week's , Nintendo has now officially confirmed , and will arrive on the Switch Online NES service on 15th May.
Thanks to the official PR, we now have a bit formation about each of these classic games:
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Sega Refocusing on Existing IP in Response to Falling Profits - IGN News

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Following an earnings slip, SEGA is gearing up to refocus on its existing IP like Persona, Sonic, and Yakuza and avoid developing too many new ones.


Long Tail Spirit Event Starts In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Later This Week

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Get them while you can.
Following on from last week's spirit board event in , which gave players the chance to unlock all-new spirits, this week it's all about long tails.
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Days of Future Past - part 2: The McLaren Edition

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Following his , guest writer By Michael 'Mivas_Greece' (surname withheld by request) brings us the second part of a tale of prototypes (one of which he has access to) and what might have been, featuring some of the various uses of Nokia's 'Pre-Touch' technology. A Lumia 1030 anyone? The final part of this feature will be published in due course.


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