Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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EA Is Putting the Future of its Franchises, Including Titanfall, into its Studios' Hands

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Laura Miele says that Respawn is fully in control of what happens to the Titanfall franchise in the future, whether that's more Apex or potential sequels.

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Time Before Time: Image Comics Series Combines Criminal and Looper

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Check out a preview of Time Before Time, a new Image Comics series that merges the character-driven drama of Criminal with the sci-fi trappings of back to the Future and Looper.

Xbox's Backward Compatibility Gets a Boost - Next-Gen Console Watch

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Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following everything PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week, we discuss Xbox Series X/S backward compatible games getting an FPS boost including Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky's Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2. Marvel's Avengers is also getting new content with Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, on top of getting a free next-gen update. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart finally gets a release date, and Sony has been hit with a class action lawsuit due to DualSense drift issues! And finally, we take a look at the new Xbox Wireless Headset which has already sold out! Is it worth the purchase? Plus we've got poll results and a new poll for this week.

Final Fantasy 14 Director Won't Share Whether Future Storylines Will be Shorter

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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker director Naoki Yoshida reflects on the long road the MMORPG has taken to its upcoming conclusion.

Marvel's Avengers - WAR TABLE Deep Dive: Hawkeye Video

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Watch the latest Marvel's Avengers War Table presentation for a deep dive into the next chapter of Season 1 with Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect. Hawkeye's story brings us face to face with a possible future where all hope is lost. Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect will be available on March 18, 2021.

Marvel's Avengers - Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect Trailer

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Watch the trailer for Marvel's Avengers' Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, available on March 18, 2021. In Operation: Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, Hawkeye's story brings us face to face with a possible future where all hope is lost. With his bow and sword at his side - and the help of the rest of the Avengers - Clint must stop an invasion that would turn the world to ruin.

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