Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Games Inbox: Super Smash Bros. new characters, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Sea Of Thieves beta

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The evening Inbox asks why publishers have got so bad at game reveals, as one reader breaks free from his Gems Of War addiction.

Games Inbox: Black Ops 4 reaction, The Division 2 formula, and the scariest survival horror games

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The morning Inbox still doesn’t think Sony should be so quick to make the PS5, as one reader admits the corrupting power of video games.

Games Inbox: Fortnite political scapegoat, Monster Hunter: World solo, and cheap season passes

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The evening Inbox wishes developers would improve AI not graphics, as one reader explains how Fortnite has been nothing but good for his son.

From: metro.co.uk

Games Inbox: Next gen console wishes, Nintendo Direct Smash Bros., and Battlefield 5 teamwork

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The morning Inbox celebrates ARMS games as a service record, as one reader is afraid to hear the truth about Amnesia.

Games Inbox: First time Bloodborne players, Destiny 3 reboot, and defending Metal Gear Survive

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The morning Inbox is frustrated at the lack of modern day shooters, as one reader looks forward to Prey DLC on the moon.

Games Inbox: Choosing between consoles, PS Now vs. Game Pass, and GTA V on Switch

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The evening Inbox worries about the post-Witcher career of Geralt of Rivia, as one reader makes his predictions about Battlefield 5.

From: metro.co.uk

Games Inbox: The best Monster Hunter games, Fear Effect remake, and Halo 5 throwback multiplayer

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The morning Inbox continues the debate on Bayonetta’s next haircut, as one reader asks what genre is Pac-Man.

Games Inbox: FIFA 19 guaranteed success, Shadow Of The Colossus remake, and demonising Fortnite

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The evening Inbox is worried Nintendo has reset the Switch’s player logs, as the co-designer of Quest For Glory writes in to discuss a remake.

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Games Inbox: Halo 6 hopes and predictions, Switch Virtual Console, and Panzer Dragoon Saga remake

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The morning Inbox wonders if the Switch Yoshi game is about to get a Labo rebranding, as one reader struggles with Ghouls 'N' Ghosts on the Classic Mini SNES.

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Games Inbox: Zelda Breath Of The Wild one year anniversary, God Of War worries, and Days Gone

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The evening Inbox is very keen on the idea of Diablo III on Switch, as one reader is still tempted to play Past Cure.

From: metro.co.uk

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