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This Week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale

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Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 19 November 2018.      Xbox One Deals Content Title Content Type Discount Notes AereA* Xbox One Game 75% DWG Real Farm* Xbox One X Enhanced 75% DWG Outcast - Second Contact* Xbox One Game 60% DWG Valiant [...]


THQ Nordic Has 35 Unannounced Games in Development

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THQ Nordic has plenty of surprises in store for players, with nearly three dozen unannounced games in the works.


Columbus Circle Is Releasing A Converter That Lets You Play Game Boy Color Games On Your SNES

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Colour me excited.
The Super Game Boy was great, especially if you were a Nintendo fan who was short on cash and wanted to extract as much enjoyment as possible from your small library of games.
Being able to experience your Game Boy games on the big screen was a real boon, and if you're anything like us then you'll have many happy memories of playing the likes of and on the TV.
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R-Type Dimensions EX Lands On Switch At The End Of The Month

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Bydo beware!
Shmup aficionados can circle their calendars on 28th November, the date that releases on the Switch eShop, at long last adding Irem's revered, evil alien empire shooter to the ever-growing list of shoot 'em ups on Nintendo's hybrid system.
If you're unfamiliar with this iteration of Irem's classic, know that it is an enhanced port of the critically acclaimed PS3/Xbox 360 release developed by Tozai Games back in 2014. It combines all eight levels from R-Type and the six from R-Type II to provide the ultimate shmup experience, with an on-the-fly choice of the original arcade graphics or the all-new and shiny 2.5D polygonal makeover. In a nod to R-Type Leo, this version also allows for two-player co-op, something that was never possible with the original games.
Newcomers to the series can play in 'Infinite Mode' - shifting the odds in favour of the R9 pilot with infinite lives, level select, and even instant one button full power-ups - and a new trailer has been released to mark the occasion which you can view above.
As the old saying goes (or at least it did in the ) 'IT BEGINS IN DEEP SPACE WARPED BY EVIL POWER'. Will you sign up to pilot the R9 Arrowhead come 28th November, or will you let Bydo win? The comments section is your star field.
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Fortnite's Latest Update Scraps Controversial Glider Redeploy, Adds Mounted Turrets And New Food Fight Mode

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Burger Royale.
is being updated to version 6.30 today, bringing with it the usual bucket load of changes that are sure to change the way you play. Interestingly, developer Epic Games has also decided to remove the controversial glider redeploy function that has been speeding up matches over the last few weeks.
Starting as a limited time mode feature back in August, but then becoming a main staple for the game, the glider redeploy tactic allowed players to throw out their glider whenever they reached a certain height, essentially giving players much more freedom with their movement and allowing for quick, swoop-style kills. The change divided the game's ridiculously huge fanbase, and Epic has now decided to only include it in "larger team modes" such as the usual Soaring 50s mode.
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Reminder: Three New NES Games Have Launched On Switch Today, Plus Another Bonus SP Version

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NES games for everyone.
As promised, today sees another trio of retro delights hit the Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo Entertainment System library of games (plus a special bonus version, too). If you're subscribed to the service, here's what you can expect to find joining your collection.
The three main additions this month are , and TwinBee, all of which can be seen in action in this tweet from Nintendo of Europe below. If you're unfamiliar with any of these games, hopefully these quick snippets of footage will give you an idea of what you'll find.
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Rumour: PlatinumGames Is Working On Three Switch Titles

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One, two, three...
Another rumour has surfaced online. This time it's regarding the Japanese developer PlatinumGames - a company originally founded in 2007 after a merger between Seeds Inc. and Odd Inc.
According to Nintendo Insider, the developer has a total of three games currently in development for Nintendo Switch. The first, as we've known since last year's , is . As for the other two titles - take a guess.
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Video: Switch Puzzler Memorrha Gets Its First Gorgeous Gameplay Trailer

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Release window pushed back just a little.
A few months ago, after it was revealed that the ever-popular The Witness be making it to Switch, Korion Games with , a lovely looking puzzler set to arrive on the console next year. Now, the title's first gameplay trailer has arrived and you can check it out above.
The game takes place in a world full of puzzles, with players needing to use mindpower and creativity to progress through its "increasingly imaginative areas". The developers have promised formation and videos as we get closer to the release window of the game, which has now been pushed back ever so slightly to Q2 2019.
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Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron – Extended Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Product Info: Developer: HandyGames Publisher: HandyGames Website: Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron Twitter: @handy_games 

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