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Limited Run Games Publishing Dragon's Lair Trilogy Physical Edition

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Nintendo website makes it official.
Last week, we found out would be on Switch eShop on 17th January after a listing on the European Switch eShop. With the game now available on Nintendo's digital platform, many fans of the classic series are probably wondering when they can get their hands on a physical release.
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IGN UK Podcast #471: Disappointing Games Feat. Donervon Driver

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Has a game ever given you an unexpected son?

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Here Are The Top 30 Best-Selling Nintendo eShop Games Of 2018 In Japan

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Digital and retail releases.
Nintendo has shared lists of the best-selling eShop games of 2018 in Japan, providing us with a good look at which games were the most popular in the gaming giant's homeland.
Each of the two lists below shows the top 30 most-downloaded games from the eShop during the year 2018. The first list shows exclusively download-only software, while the second is made up of digital sales of games which were also released at retail. You can also see the publisher and original Japanese release date for each game.
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Zero Escape: The Nonary Games headed to PS4, PS Vita in early 2017

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Aksys Games' diabolical story-driven puzzlers are headed to the PS4 and PS Vita in the spring.
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3 Fun Classic Macintosh Games That Run Well In Basilisk II on the PSVita – The Mac Was Actually Good For Gaming Once!

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If you don't know what Basilisk II is, then you've been missing out as it enables your PSVita to enter into a whole different world of games! In this article, we'll be looking at&...&...&...


Talking Point: Amazon's Efforts To Tempt Gamers Show Why We Need Dedicated Games Consoles

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But is Nintendo missing a trick here?
'Convergence' is a word that has often been mentioned when it comes to consumer tech, and we've seen firsthand how it can manifest itself; the smartphone that many of you will be reading these words on right now is a wonder of convergence, as it has made the camera, PDA, MP3 player and (for some people) portable games console obsolete.
We're seeing convergence in other pieces of tech, too. Your PlayStation 4 is perfectly happy to stream music and play movies over the web, while many modern smart TVs now come with the same kind of functionality, as well as the ability to play (admittedly crude) games. Amid all of this activity and duplication of function (we've lost count how many devices we have plugged into the TV which are capable of running Netflix – something the TV can do natively anyway), there's one device which has remained steadfastly committed to its primary reason for existing, and that's the Nintendo Switch.
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Get The Party Started With Stunt Kite Party, A Four-Player Game Coming To Switch Next Month

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There ain't no party like a Stunt Kite Party.
HandyGames has announced , a new party game heading to the Nintendo Switch early next month.
If you're starting to get a little tired of the same old boards in , this one hopes to grab your attention with the subtle art of kite flying. That's not all you'll be doing, though, as ten "crazy" game modes will have you fighting off aliens, stealing honeycombs from bees, and even bombing your friends. You can also set up your own little tournaments to see who comes out on top.
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The Physical Edition Of Trüberbrook On Switch Sees The Return Of A Proper Game Manual

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Oh, how we miss these.
We still don't have an exact release date for this one just yet, but it has already been confirmed that upcoming title will come with a proper game manual in the box (and we're not talking just a single-sided controller input sheet, either).
Publisher Headup Games has noted that development on the game is continuing at a steady pace in a press release today, releasing images of its physical editions on both Switch and PS4 in the process. We've included those images for you below; the manual (actually described as a travel guide) contains 24 pages with the following tucked inside:
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Rumour: SNES Games Might Be Coming To Switch Sooner Than You Think

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New datamining efforts reveal.
Yesterday may well have introduced to play on your Switch, but it appears that they might not have been the only things added to the Nintendo Switch Online service in the update.
Just a few days ago, datamining efforts listed in the NES online app's code, and further digging also discovered the possibility of new emulator types being added to the service at a future date. Now, after yesterday's update and even more datamining efforts, it has been claimed that the SNES games are not only still perfectly intact, but have also been updated to include full descriptions in various languages.
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