Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Games Inbox: Tomb Raider movie reaction, State Of Decay 2 impressions, and Skyrim VR on PC

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The morning Inbox considers the problems of re-reviewing Star Wars: Battlefront II, as one reader asks what on earth Hokuto Ga Gotoku is.

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Games Inbox: Star Wars: Battlefront II changes, Burnout 3 remaster, and Sega’s next Sonic game

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The evening Inbox recommends Splatoon 2 for those new to online shooters, as one reader asks for help choosing a relaxing video game.

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Games Inbox: Overwatch 2 suggestions, SoulCalibur VI on Switch, and Monster Hunter: World update

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The morning Inbox tries to imagine what a new Splinter Cell would work like, as one reader pines for a Panzer Dragoon Saga remaster.

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Games Inbox: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider reaction, SoulCalibur VI guest stars, and Far Cry 5 realism

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The evening Inbox is glad you no longer have to pay to play Knack, as one reader discovers the wonderful Sexy Brutale.

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Games Inbox: How much video games cost to make, Sea Of Thieves Game Pass, and Rainbow Six Siege tips

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The morning Inbox acknowledges the gamers that only ever play FIFA, as one reader calls Shadow Of The Colossus the best Zelda since the N64.

Games Inbox: Taking a break between video game sequels, Sea Of Thieves hype, and Saints Row 5

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The evening Inbox looks for help getting better at Fortnite and Battlefield 1, as more readers are excited about the return of V-Rally.

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Games Inbox: Most played current gen console, Red Dead Redemption II online, and Undertale in Smash Bros.

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A bumper-sized morning Inbox considers the intrinsic value of video games, as one reader shows no remorse at buying a Nintendo Switch.

Games Inbox: Call Of Duty Battle Royale theory, PlayStation Direct, and Quantum Break defence

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The evening Inbox wonders when the world will have had enough of GTA V, as one reader is pleased to hear about the return of V-Rally.

Games Inbox: Best last gen graphics, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2, and Demon’s Souls remake

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The morning Inbox asks if free-to-play Sea Of Thieves is the future, as one reader wonders if he helped shape the Nintendo Switch.

Games Inbox: State Of Decay 2 microtransactions, Bethesda in Smash Bros., and Shenmue III defence

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The evening Inbox tries to guess what Bluepoint’s new remake is, as one reader reports back from Football Manager 2140.

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