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Switch Online Is Going To Be The Place To Play Classic Nintendo Content, According To Reggie

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"We haven’t even made the full library of NES games available yet".
Nintendo does not appear to be in any rush to revive its classic games collection on the Switch. In fact, the digital NES library only went live in September and the system is now nearly two years old. It's left fans hungry for more, after previous systems - since the Wii Virtual Console era - have offered access to Nintendo's larger retro library. This includes hits from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64, along with selections from plenty of other iconic generations.
With all of these old-school gems yet to be released, it has raised concerns about the Japanese company's future plans for classic content. According to Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime, however, Nintendo does have grand plans for reviving retro games via the Switch Online subscription service. In a chat with Kotaku, he said it would be "the place" to be for nostalgic experiences:
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Nintendo's Share Price Hit By Largest Drop In Two Years After Nvidia Shares Crash

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Falling by more than 10%.
Nintendo's share price fell by more than 10% today, resulting in the largest drop experienced by the company since 2016.
Share prices began to fall early this morning (in Japanese local time), continuing to plummet for the majority of the trading day. Shares fell to as low as ¥31,350 at one stage (which is as low as it has been for almost 18 months) before stabilising just above that figure as the day drew to a close.
Of course, investors have been sceptical of Nintendo's this financial year for some time now, with current sales leaving concerns over how the console might perform throughout the holiday season, but today's drop has also been impacted by a significant share price crash for Nvidia - the company which supplies chips for the Switch. Nvidia's shares dropped by 16% in after-hours trading after it was forced to lower sales expectations for the holiday period.
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Nintendo Embraces Opportunity To Share New Games At E3 2019 As Sony Opts Out

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Business as usual.
Sony has surprised the rest of the video game industry, with the it will not be attending E3 2019. Despite the absence of the Japanese tech giant, the official press release notes how "industry momentum" will drive next year's show to new heights.
On the Nintendo front, there's nothing to worry about. In the , Reggie provided a statement confirming the company would be present at next year's event in Los Angeles:
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[NSFW] Hentai Game Review: My Slut Girlfriend - Hentai Reviews

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KanoBitch ~Kanojo ga Bitch ni natta Riyuu, (eng. My Slut Girlfriend), a hentai visual novel developed and published by Jinsei Tsuukoudome. Released August 17, 2018. For PC Windows. Japanese female voice acting. Ryousuke's childhood friend Mai is a popular girl. He's dated every boy in town except him. Ryousuke invites Mai over, and confesses his feelings for her. He learns just how "popular" she's been with the guys, and how skilled that's made her. So begins a heart-warming journey to psychological healing.


Official Medabots series website adds countdown teaser

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The official Japanese Medabots franchise web portal,, has updated with a countdown clock ticking to November 28th, 2018. November 28th marks the 21st anniversary of the original games release.


Luigi's Mansion Scares Away The Competition To Snag Number One In The Japanese Charts

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Switch sales at highest for some time.
Japanese chart figures are now in for 5th November - 11th November, and the new 3DS release of has spooked its way right to the very top.
Our favourite vacuum-wielding, green hat-wearing plumber's ghostly adventure shifted 27,370 retail units in the region last week, narrowly beating Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII's 25,740 sales. is also still performing nicely, sitting in third place this week after generating another 23,333 sales.
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Atomic Robo-Kid, Forgotten Hero Of The '80s, Is Coming To Switch This Week

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The robot once called "Dusty Bin with lasers".
Japanese publisher Hamster has revealed that it will be bringing UPL Co., Ltd's likeable '80s coin-op hit Atomic Robo-Kid to the Nintendo Switch as part of its Arcade Archives series. The game hits the Japanese eShop tomorrow with a price tag of just ¥823.
If you'll forgive us for getting all misty-eyed for a moment, Atomic Robo-Kid is one of those '80s arcade titles that developed a cult following at launch, got a couple of decent home ports and was then promptly forgotten about by the general public, a crime for which mankind should feel suitably ashamed about.
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Rumour: PlatinumGames Is Working On Three Switch Titles

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One, two, three...
Another rumour has surfaced online. This time it's regarding the Japanese developer PlatinumGames - a company originally founded in 2007 after a merger between Seeds Inc. and Odd Inc.
According to Nintendo Insider, the developer has a total of three games currently in development for Nintendo Switch. The first, as we've known since last year's , is . As for the other two titles - take a guess.
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Nippon Ichi Reveals Destiny Connect, A Brand New Original RPG For Switch

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Also coming to PS4.
Nippon Ichi Software has revealed a brand new original game called Destiny Connect, with a Japanese Switch release date already secured.
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Nintendo Wins $12 Million From Trademark And Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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An expensive settlement.
Earlier this year , Nintendo filed a lawsuit against two ROM and emulator websites at the federal court in the US state of Arizona for trademark and copyright infringement. The latest development is the owners and operators of these now-defunct websites - a married couple - have agreed to a settlement exceeding $12 million in favour of Nintendo.
In August, it was both parties wanted to avoid prolonged court proceedings - with consent judgment and permanent injunction now resolving all of the outstanding disputes. The owners of the sites admit their involvement was both direct and indirect copyright and trademark infringement, resulting in irreparable injury for the Japanese video game company. Below is the unsigned verdict:
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