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Video: Can Team Sonic Racing On Switch Keep Pace With The PlayStation 4 Version?

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See for yourself.
As you might have , our copy of hasn't arrived yet. As a result, our review for this game will be going live post-launch. For anyone who is eager to pick up or download the Switch version right away, but is worried about how it performs compared to the other releases, this is rather concerning.
Fortunately, the fine folk over at GameXplain have been lucky enough to receive their Switch copy slightly earlier than expected. It means they've had the time to put the Nintendo version to the test and see how it compares to the PS4 release.
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How To Keep Your PS4 Looking Good Without Damaging It

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Whether you’re in possession of a base PS4 model, the newer slimline edition, or the monster Pro, we can all agree on one thing: Sony’s beast is damn good-looking. Sleek black lines, angular design and a minimalist aesthetic all combine to create something that just looks great sitting underneath your...

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Talking Point: Detective Pikachu & Let's Go Are The Keys To A New Pokémon Audience

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Evolving the monster and raising its EVs for the next generation.
A couple of weekends ago we took our customary Saturday afternoon stroll through the local park. It was a bright sunlit day, with detritus from blooming trees floating in the gentle spring breeze while groups of people, young and old, wandered the park together, heads down, their eyes glued to smartphones. ‘Ah, must be a Community Day,' we surmised. Sure enough, we fired up our own fruit-based mobile device and found an abundance of Bagons clustered around the park waiting to be caught.
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Nintendo 'Must Keep Up' With Cloud Tech, But Sees Further Potential In Dedicated Hardware

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"Delivering unique entertainment... will continue to be our top priority".
As of new consoles from all the big companies abound (as they always do at this point in a console generation), and with Google preparing its entrance into the gaming space with its , questions are starting to be asked of Nintendo's future hardware strategy. Nintendo's traditional approach to online has been 'cautious' to say the least, so with Google suggesting the dawn of cloud-based gaming is upon us, one wonders how Nintendo might react should Stadia disprove naysayers and offer a broadly comparable, convenient gameplay experience to rival the dedicated hardware of current consoles.
after its financial results back in March, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa highlighted that although the technology is advancing, he believes that Nintendo's current business of integrated hardware and software will also increase in the future:
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Yuzo Koshiro Is Keen To Make Another Shinobi Game

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"I wish we had more power...".
When you think of the series, it's hard not to think also of the legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro – despite the fact that his music is only featured in a handful of the Shinobi games.
Koshiro's soundtrack to remains one of the best on the Genesis / Mega Drive, which is made all the more remarkable when you consider that it was a very early release, and that Koshiro was still finding his feet on the Yamaha YM2612 hardware.
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Some of the Weirdest Fan Requests for NBA 2K20

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Kehl Bayern writes: "Theres no denying the passion of the NBA fanbase, and 2K are keen to listen to them. But some fan requests for NBA 2K20 are a little on the strange side."

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Nintendo Will Keep Offering Add-On Content And Free Updates For Its Games

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Don't stop playing.
It's become common practice for developers and publishers to sustain key releases with updates and downloadable content. Nowadays, Nintendo is no different.
During the latest financial results briefing, company President Shuntaro Furukawa said the video game giant would continue to create add-on content and free updates for games, to ensure consumers remain interested in software long after it has been released:
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