Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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Australia And New Zealand Nintendo Labo Contest Winners Include Life-Size Master Cycle Zero And Toy-Con "Marionette"

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An unprecedented tie.
Nintendo has revealed the contest winners for Australia and New Zealand. Three entrants won, and due to the exceptionally high quality of the finalists in the teens/adult category, there was an "unprecedented" first-place tie between the Toy-Con Marionette and the life-size Master Cycle Zero modelled on the bike from and . Below are the winners' video entries:
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Random: Introducing The Nintendo Labo Toad Kit Of Your Dreams (Or Nightmares)

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Complete with sound effects.
Just in case you didn't find your set to be cute and colourful enough straight out of the box, this new Toad-based design could just be the great source of inspiration you need for a new build.
Shared online by and , this video below shows off a Kinopio-kun version of the (for those not in the know, Kinopio-kun is a green-coloured Toad who acts as the mascot for Nintendo's official LINE social media account in Japan). This custom design replaces the Vehicle Kit's usual steering wheel setup with a fully functioning, drivable Toad. As you can imagine, words can't really do this justice, so check out the video below.
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Europe Nintendo Labo Contest Winners Include Glow In The Dark Luigi's Mansion And Alien Game

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Amazing creations.
We've already seen the winners of the and Nintendo contests, all of which blew us away with their incredible levels of skill and creativity and - unsurprisingly - it turns out that the European bunch of champions are just as wildly talented.
Here's a look at the winners for each category (and you can see ):
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Fake Nintendo Labo Kits Are Now Appearing With No Game Inside The Box

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Don't be fooled.
is, undeniably, an incredibly creative concept. Getting hold of all this creativity, though - along with the software and bundles of cardboard included - naturally isn't cheap, and some people are now falling victim to numerous fake products being sold by seemingly reputable companies.
A number of fake boxes have been spotted around Asia, including Nintendo's home nation of Japan, with slightly different packaging that looks very similar to the real thing. The boxes use official artwork, simply removing any trace of Nintendo's name, and we can imagine that many people could easily assume these to be the real thing.
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Deemo's Physical Switch Edition Is Coming To North America With Nintendo Labo Support

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Early 2019.
PM Studios and acttil have revealed that the physical version of rhythm hit will be released in North America in "early 2019".
If you're unfamiliar with the game, Deemo is a music rhythm game which centres around the mystifying relationship between the titular Deemo and a young girl. Deemo must play and complete musical piano scores in order to help the little girl return back to her world, resulting in a series of songs for you to play through using the Switch's touchscreen. A range of music styles and genres are available in both instrumental and vocal music formats, and each song has a number of difficulty levels and customisable note speeds.
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Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Has Disappointing Launch In Japan, Switch Still Best-Selling Console

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Last week's Japanese charts.
Figures are in for the Japanese gaming charts, covering the 10th - 16th of September, and Nintendo's major new release of the week - the - managed to snag a debut spot at number five. Sales figures show that it failed to reach the lofty heights of the previous Labo designs, however.
Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man is top of the list again this time around, shifting another 80,000 copies to keep it well out of the reach of its competitors. Nintendo titles take up 13 of the top 20 chart positions, with the only new entries being the aforementioned Vehicle Kit and - which managed to sell just under 6,000 copies at retail.
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Japan's Nintendo Labo Contest Winners Include Amazing Luigi's Mansion AR And Toilet Paper Game

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Far too much talent.
A couple of months ago, winners of the North American contest were announced and ; with the likes of a solar-powered, cardboard accordion and a teapot minigame on show, we quickly realised that we needed to brush up on our Labo skills.
Now, the Japanese contest winners have been announced, and there's a terrifying amount of talent on display once again. You can check out all of the winners from the official Japanese site , but we thought we'd share a few of our favourites.
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