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Watching The Roots and Ariana Grande jam out with Nintendo Labo is everything I hoped it would be

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Watching The Roots and Ariana Grande jam out with Nintendo Labo is everything I hoped it would be We've been enjoying so far for Nintendo Labo and last night on The Tonight Show it went a step further. Sure, we've seen drinking games and amazing covers, but this is another level of awesome. 
Using both Labo's Variety Kit and Robot Kit, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Ariana Grande came together to perform 'No Tears Left to Cry', Ariana's new single. On paper it sounds pretty standard - I rather enjoy the classroom instrument covers - but when watching the video in full, you can see how creative the Labo can be. 
Complete with three Labo guitars <(a href="">which you can learn how to make here), one Labo drum kit, two lots of Labo pianos, and some cool uses of the Variety Kit's fishing rod and Robot Kit, the above video was made. 


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Swings To The Top Of The Japanese Charts

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Switch remains the top-selling console.
The arrival of in Japan has knocked the baseball powerhouse that isJikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 off the top spot, whileGod of War finally drops out of the top five. rose to number three, jumped two places to number four and The Snack World: TreJarers Goldre-entered the top ten at number nine.
1(NEW) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (¥5.980) – 88.421 / NEW
2(1) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 (¥7.980) – 39.430 / 164.260 (-68%)
3(4) Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit (¥6.980) – 32.244 / 148.568 (+24%)
4(6) Kirby Star Allies (¥5.980) – 31.377 / 482.816 (+75%)
5(-) (¥5.980) – 29.850 / 2.297.437 (+60%)
6(8) (¥5.980) – 23.983 / 1.521.818 (+82%)
7(3) God of War (¥6.900) – 16.497 / 92.105 (-44%)
8(2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 (¥6.980) – 15.867 / 74.303 (-73%)
9(11) The Snack World: TreJarers Gold (¥5.980) – 12.654 / 74.638 (+21%)
10(14) (¥5.980) – 11.873 / 1.716.639 (+64%)
11(13) (¥6.980) – 11.151 / 980.427 (+42%)
12(17) (¥7.980) – 6.694 / 41.003 (+18%)
13(23) (¥4.980) – 6.506 / 1.628.863
14(29) (¥4.980) – 5.551 / 441.682
15(19) Far Cry 5 (¥8.400) – 4.400 / 131.788 (-1%)
16(31) (¥5.980) – 4.366 / 403.404
17(34) (¥5.980) – 4.264 / 259.693
18(18) Bravo Team |PlayStation VR| (¥4.900) – 4.240 / 9.220 (-15%)
19(09) SD Gundam G Generation: Genesis for Nintendo Switch (¥6.800) – 4.192 / 16.168 (-65%)
20(33) – Welcome amiibo (¥2.700) – 3.991 / 405.306
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Consumers Go Bananas For Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze In This Week's UK Charts

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Nintendo Labo goes in the recycling bin!
in the UK software charts at position three. Unfortunately for Nintendo, it's fallen out of favour this week in the UK, slipping all the way to 13th place.
Poor old, only charted at 20th place last week. This week it's not anywhere to be found in the UK top 40. Ouch! So there we have it folks, UK consumers really don't like buying cardboard kits it would seem.
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April charts: God of War takes No.1, Nintendo Labo has slow start

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God of War debuted at the top of the monthly charts for April, to very strong sales considering it released late in the month, on April 20th. Meanwhile, Far Cry 5 had to settle for No.2, with sales only down 36 per cent month-on-month


Nintendo Labo Drops To Fourth (And 17th) In The Japanese Charts

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The Snack World Switch port also drops out of the top ten.
has finally been knocked off the top spot as God of War sales continue to surge, while the arrival of the hotly-anticipatedJikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 has pushed out everyone with both its PS4 and PS Vita versions nabbing first and second places respectively. Interestingly, the fared worse, dropping from 3rd to 17th!
and have kept their respective places, while drops from fourth to sixth in a single week.The Snack World: TreJarers Gold also had a poor week, dropping from sixth to 11th following a less impressive set of sales.
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Random: The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con House Gets Pretty Creepy When Left Alone For A While

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Spooky stuff.
has been providing us with all sorts of greatness, with players all around the world sharing their greatest creations and discoveries online for the world to see. This little find is a little different, however, and might make you view your Toy-Con house a little differently as you go to bed each night.
Shared by YouTube user, this video below shows some creepy goings-on inside the cardboard home. By sending your beloved little creature to sleep and turning off the light, before removing all cardboard levers and simply waiting for a moment, you'll start to notice a whole host of spooky monsters appearing from drawers, and ghost-like rattling in the furniture. Is this the creature's nightmare? Or is it really happening to the poor thing?
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Could we see a Pokémon Labo in the future?

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With the release of the first line of Nintendo Labo products show the potential of the cardboard accessories, could we see a Pokémon game in the future?


This Has To Be The Most Amazing Use Of Nintendo Labo Yet

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Controlling a wheelchair... with cardboard?
Nintendo Labo has been with us for a little over a week now, but we're already seeing some incredible creations - including clones and other clever devices.
However, this latest example could be the best one yet. A Japanese user has hooked Labo up to a wheelchair, allowing the user to control its movement using the Labo motorbike Toy-Con.
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Video: See Nintendo Labo's Piano Making Its On-Stage Debut

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With some chiptunes, naturally.
As you'll see in our in-depth review of , Nintendo Labo is bursting at the seems with potential, and that extends to the working Piano kit you can build with nothing more than some cardboard, some sticks and a Nintendo Switch console.
One user - Mancunian chiptune musician, Critcal Strike - has decided to push the kit's power to its limits by using it in an actual live performance. The 'concert' was held at Chip Bit Day, which took place this last weekend in Manchester. You can even see how the Piano can be shaken to create vibrato while it's playing.
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Nintendo Labo Already Has Its First Third-Party Kits Entering The Fold

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Make, play, discover!
has barely been out for more than a week and it's already got its first third-party - and completely unofficial - Toy-Con kit making a splash in the market. Currently , the Switch Guitar comes with all the flatpack cardboard needed to build a body and fretboard, along with the rubber bands required to make the strings.
You would need to use the Toy-Con Garage to build the virtual instrument, but it's a cool little way to add more options to your Toy-Con selection. It's also unlikely to be the last such third-party kit we'll be seeing for Labo, especially .
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