Thursday, 02 July 2020
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Fallout 76 - Summer Updates Trailer

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The latest update, which is available now, introduces The Legendary Run--the first Season of Fallout 76 which marks a new account-wide progression system that overhauls Challenges and helps you to earn lots of new rewards along the way. Players will be able to earn new and exclusive rewards, create teams with the new Public Teams feature, and more. The Legendary Run progression screen features a Captain Cosmos-inspired boardgame where progression is represented as a spaceship game piece on the board.

Bless Unleashed - Official PC Announcement Trailer

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Players will test their mettle against vicious monsters and in perilous dungeons when the action MMORPG launches on PC in 2021.

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Gloomhaven - Guildmaster Update Trailer

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Watch the Guildmaster Update trailer which allows players to take control of a Guild of Mercenaries seeking to make a lot of money by reopening trade routes while everyone else is too afraid to do it. Players are now able to actively change their mercenary roster whenever they unlock a new slot or when a new mercenary is available. Additionally, long-term world map gameplay has also been improved with new objectives and goals, the tutorial has been reworked, online multiplayer co-op mode is available now in closed beta, and more.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Can Now Get Classic Cath Kidston Prints In-Game

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Download them here!
The huge success of has resulted in a number of famous brands jumping on the bandwagon to promote their goods. We've already seen on its custom-made island and for its fans, and now it's the turn of British home furnishing brand Cath Kidston to get in on the act.
The company has recreated some of its most iconic and well-known prints inside Animal Crossing, offering up the necessary QR codes for fans to decorate their in-game homes in style.
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Pokémon Café Mix Is A Free-To-Start Game Coming To Switch And Mobile Next Week

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Revealed during Pokémon Presents!
Nintendo Switch is getting a brand new free-to-start game next week called , it has been confirmed.
The game was shown during today's , giving us our first glimpse at a brand new Pokémon experience. Players need to take care of Pokémon who visit their very own cafe, taking on puzzles to serve up delicious treats.
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KFC Has Opened a New Location... In Animal Crossing

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Players who visit the island store will have the chance to win free chicken buckets.

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Fortnite Players Are Angry At Epic After Missing Out On The Season Finale

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"Today’s event has reached capacity".
The insanely popular free-to-play battle royale just held a major live event known as "" to conclude the second season. The event had been postponed on multiple occasions previously, so you can probably imagine how excited players were to finally witness this special moment in Chapter 2, Season 2.
Unfortunately, the event had so many players log on, the servers quickly reached capacity. While the event went ahead as planned, the result of this was a lot of fans were unable to watch the event unfold in-game. The official Fortnite Twitter account advised locked out players to view a Twitch Livestream if they still wanted to see what happened.
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Random: Ever Wondered What Items And Furniture Animal Crossing Players Buy Online The Most?

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Marketplace websites reveal all.
Like the real world, certain items in are constantly in-demand. While it's hard to say exactly what the most popular items and pieces of furniture in the game are, Polygon was able to get an idea of at least the most prized ones thanks to external marketplaces online.
According to the leading Animal Crossing marketplace on the net - - the top spot goes to the Nook Miles Ticket. This is followed by the Cutting Board, Ironwood dresser, Crescent-moon chair, and in fifth place was fish bait. As the source points out, the cutting board is a "necessary crafting material" if you want to obtain the ironwood kitchenette - one of the most "sought-after" pieces of furniture.
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