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Competition: Come And Join Us For Smash Battles Live!

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Who is your favourite Smash brawler?
In the run-up to the release of on Nintendo Switch next month, we've teamed up with Nintendo UK to bring you Smash Battles Live!
Smash Battles will take the form of a short series of videos, the first of which can be seen above. Together with the wonderful , we'll be bringing you up to speed with all things Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-related.
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Switch Online Is Going To Be The Place To Play Classic Nintendo Content, According To Reggie

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"We haven’t even made the full library of NES games available yet".
Nintendo does not appear to be in any rush to revive its classic games collection on the Switch. In fact, the digital NES library only went live in September and the system is now nearly two years old. It's left fans hungry for more, after previous systems - since the Wii Virtual Console era - have offered access to Nintendo's larger retro library. This includes hits from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64, along with selections from plenty of other iconic generations.
With all of these old-school gems yet to be released, it has raised concerns about the Japanese company's future plans for classic content. According to Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime, however, Nintendo does have grand plans for reviving retro games via the Switch Online subscription service. In a chat with Kotaku, he said it would be "the place" to be for nostalgic experiences:
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Guide: Pokemon Let's Go: How To Get Bulbasaur, Charmander And Squirtle The Easy Way

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Three legends, three solutions.
Whenever a new Pokémon game arrives, one of the first questions players have is about where they can find their favourite monster.
With - which strips the PokéDex right back to the original 151 'mon - this usually means focusing on the 'classic' beasts, including Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.
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Nintendo's Share Price Hit By Largest Drop In Two Years After Nvidia Shares Crash

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Falling by more than 10%.
Nintendo's share price fell by more than 10% today, resulting in the largest drop experienced by the company since 2016.
Share prices began to fall early this morning (in Japanese local time), continuing to plummet for the majority of the trading day. Shares fell to as low as ¥31,350 at one stage (which is as low as it has been for almost 18 months) before stabilising just above that figure as the day drew to a close.
Of course, investors have been sceptical of Nintendo's this financial year for some time now, with current sales leaving concerns over how the console might perform throughout the holiday season, but today's drop has also been impacted by a significant share price crash for Nvidia - the company which supplies chips for the Switch. Nvidia's shares dropped by 16% in after-hours trading after it was forced to lower sales expectations for the holiday period.
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A Mario Kart Lottery Is Headed To Japan With Chances To Win Some Amazing Prizes

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We'll take the Lakitu clock.
In yet another episode of 'Japan gets all the cool stuff and it's really getting unfair now', a new -themed lottery has been announced where fans can win some lovely household items based on the franchise.
The lottery comes courtesy of Bandai, which has revealed that it will be bringing all of the lovely content to Lawson, HMV, and game and hobby stores from 15th December. People can pay ¥620 to take part (that's about £4.30/$5.50) and can receive prizes including a Mario Kart cushion set, a Lakitu clock, bowls, a glass collection, some rubber coasters, and even a pair of Banana slippers. You can see all of the prizes below.
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Gallery: Feast Your Eyes On These Shiny New Warframe Screenshots For Nintendo Switch

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Panic Button's latest Switch project.
Back in July, it was revealed that Digital Extremes' free-to-play hit would be coming to Nintendo Switch thanks to a little help from fan-favourite studio Panic Button. The game arrives on the console next week, joining the likes of and in the fight for free-to-play supremacy on Nintendo's hybrid machine.
If you can't wait to get stuck into the hundreds of weapons, thousands of customisation options, selection of upgrades, mod system, clans, pets, and huge open worlds the game has to offer, then you're in luck, as we've got our hands on lots of lovely new screenshots for the Switch version of the game. Let's kick things off with some gorgeous action shots.
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Warner Bros. Is Looking For Your Pokémon Detective Pikachu Fan Art To Promote The Movie

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Have your artwork featured.
If you've so much as looked at the internet over the last few days, you're probably aware that the first official trailer for the was released recently. On the whole, fans seem largely impressed, and Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary are now on the hunt for the most eager fans of them all.
Yes, a competition of sorts has been opened which asks fans to send in their fan-art of the film, and there are some rather wonderful prizes up for grabs. To be clear, the competition asks for a "one-of-a-kind static or animated artwork" inspired by the latest trailer and its imagery, with illustrations, digital paintings, GIFs, and "alternative poster designs" being listed as potential mediums.
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Nintendo Switch GameCube Adapter Delayed In The UK Until May 2019

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Due to "unforeseen production issues".
It would seem that the GameCube Adapter for the Nintendo Switch has been delayed, at least in the UK.
We've been sent an email relating to a pre-order which says:
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Random: Masahiro Sakurai Signs Smash Bros. Switch Dock For Staffer And It's Absolutely Glorious

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Can we have one too, Senpai?
If you love the Super Smash Bros. series just as much as we do, then you're probably about to become painfully jealous of this lucky developer.
As you may already know, a special has launched today, ready for the game's release next month on 7th December. Featuring the iconic Smash symbol on the Joy-Con, and a selection of characters on the dock, this special edition is already pretty fabulous out of the box, but the game's director Masahiro Sakurai has shared a photo of a particularly special one that has been signed by the man himself.
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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes' Physical Edition Officially Confirmed, Will Include Season Pass

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The listings were true.
Recently, suggested that would be receiving a physical edition despite a lack of any official confirmation. Now, though, that official confirmation has arrived, and the physical version will be handled and distributed by Nintendo itself.
Grasshopper Manufacture will still be self-publishing the title, which is set to release on 18th January next year, but this physical release looks set to boost the game's presence in stores. As well as giving you another pretty box to meticulously place on your shelf, the physical version looks set to come with a season pass as standard, giving players instant access to all future content.
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