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Switch Online Is Going To Be The Place To Play Classic Nintendo Content, According To Reggie

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"We haven’t even made the full library of NES games available yet".
Nintendo does not appear to be in any rush to revive its classic games collection on the Switch. In fact, the digital NES library only went live in September and the system is now nearly two years old. It's left fans hungry for more, after previous systems - since the Wii Virtual Console era - have offered access to Nintendo's larger retro library. This includes hits from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64, along with selections from plenty of other iconic generations.
With all of these old-school gems yet to be released, it has raised concerns about the Japanese company's future plans for classic content. According to Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime, however, Nintendo does have grand plans for reviving retro games via the Switch Online subscription service. In a chat with Kotaku, he said it would be "the place" to be for nostalgic experiences:
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PS Plus Free Games for September Are Here! - IGN Daily Fix

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PS Plus brings a few surprises this month, Destiny players think they've solved a long running mystery, and that Fortnite cube is getting interesting.


PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2018 - IGN News

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Subscribers don't even have to wait until next month to play the biggest free game.

Xbox Free Games with Gold for September 2018 Announced - IGN News

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September's lineup includes LEGO Star Wars III, Livelock, and more.

SNK Producer Was Amazed How Audiences Reacted To "Fatal Cutie" Terry Bogard

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Switching it up.
is a competent fighter but its "busty and over-sexualized characters might not be to everyone's taste in 2018" - as we noted in our September review of the game. SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda even admit the fanbase was divided - with some delving deep into the game's fighting systems and others not wanting to consider it at all due to the concept.
What really amazed Oda-san was how audiences reacted to Terry Bogard being transformed into a "" in the spiritual successor to SNK Gals' Fighters on Neo Geo Pocket. Apparently, it was the first thing the development team decided about the game, so the element of surprise was never there on their own end. Oda went onto explain how Terry from the series was always planned to become a female, due to his style, design, and identity being easy to recognise.
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Here Are The Top 10 Best-Selling Games For Wii U, 3DS, Wii And Nintendo DS (As Of September 2018)

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Four lists, forty great games.
While much of the attention has unsurprisingly been given to the Switch, Nintendo's recent avalanche of financial data has also given us an updated look at sales across other recent systems. We wouldn't blame you for thinking that these consoles mustn't generate any software sales these days, but with shifting in just the last quarter, you'd probably be quite surprised.
So without further ado, we present to you complete lists of the best-selling Nintendo-published games for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Nintendo DS. All numbers are correct as of 30th September 2018 and include both physical and digital sales.
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Here Are The Top Ten Best-Selling Nintendo Switch Games As Of September 2018

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"Mario number one!".
As part of Nintendo's latest financial report, which revealed that the Switch has now , the company released an updated list of its best-selling games for its latest console. Rather than throwing a "number seven will shock you"-style slideshow at you, let's just dive right into the good stuff.
It perhaps comes as little surprise that reigns supreme so far; the game received almost universal praise from critics at release () and will likely forever stand as one of the biggest, and best, games available on the console. As it happens, plastering Mario's face on to a game box appears to do pretty well all around (he takes up three of the top ten spots), but other titles such as and have also seen great early success.
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Nintendo Switch Hits 22.86 Million Worldwide Sales, Has Now Outsold The GameCube

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Highest quarterly result in eight years.
Nintendo has released its latest batch of financial data, revealing that the Nintendo Switch has sold 22.86 million units worldwide as of 30th September 2018. This number means that the Switch has now outsold the GameCube which shifted 21.74m in its lifetime.
The data reveals that the Switch sold 3.19m units in the last quarter, meaning that the console has now shifted 5.07m units so far this financial year. With just two quarters to go - the holiday season and the usually quiet quarter just after - this means that Nintendo needs sales to increase at a rather staggering rate to reach - a target which is very much still in place.
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Custom Diablo III Season 15 – Boon of the Horadrim Xbox One X Giveaway

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Diablo III Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim started on the 21st of September and runs until the middle of the December.  Boon of the Horadrim features a new season theme, new cosmetic and season journey rewards, seasonal conquests, and Haedrig’s Gift. To celebrate Season 15 - Boon of the Horadrim, Blizzard has given me [...]


Capcom's Yearly Operating Income Up 110%, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate "Enjoyed Robust Sales"

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Highest Q2 income in company history.
Capcom has today released its latest financial results, with the company's latest and greatest titles resulting in the highest operating income at the end of a second quarter in company history.
The report shows the collective successes of Capcom's video game development, arcade operations, amusement equipments, and "other businesses" (which essentially contains things such as royalty income from the licensing and sale of character merchandise), with net sales increasing to 43,327 million yen for the six months up until 30th September 2018 - a number which is up 28.5% year-over-year.
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