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CoroCoro To Share "Latest Information" On Pokémon Sword And Shield Next Month

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An E3 appearance on the cards?
If you're looking forward to learning a little more about the next instalments in the Pokémon franchise - for Nintendo Switch - it looks like you might just be in luck.
According to , CoroCoro Ichiban (a sister magazine of the monthly CoroCoro Comic) has revealed that its next issue will include the "latest information" for the new games. Naturally, this doesn't give away just how much info we should expect or whether it will expand upon the facts we already know by a significant amount, but we can expect some kind of update at the very least - and that's always a good thing.
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Detective Pikachu Artist Completes Realistic Pokémon Sword And Shield Starter Line-Up

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Perfect for a sequel?
The characters of may well have arrived a little too late to be included in the Detective Pikachu movie, but that doesn't mean that we can't see how they might have looked.
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Daily Deals: Preorder the New Avengers Endgame Gauntlet, Oculus Quest in 7 Days

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13% off Apple AirPods 2, 17% off Pokemon Sword or Shield Preorder, up to 38% off Fire TV Stick, Free Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Music Unlimited Subscriptions.

Rumour: Pokémon Sword & Shield Might Be Compatible With Pokémon GO

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Linking up.
has been insanely successful for Niantic and The Pokémon Company, so it makes perfect sense for Game Freak to make the popular mobile game compatible with its upcoming Switch release, .
It now appears we could be finding out about potential compatibility between the two games sooner than planned, with Pokémon GO dataminer discovering the latest update for the mobile app – Version 0.143.0 – features a string referred to as "koala_settings", for a separate app.
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Digital Foundry Finds Mortal Kombat 11 Also Using Switch's 'Boost Mode'

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You win.
It seems that NetherRealm is one of the first third-party studios to have taken advantage of Switch's 'boost mode', according to our friends over at . The behind-the-scenes mode, which released with the console's latest firmware update, enables developers to take advantage of increased clock speeds to improve game performance in several ways.
At launch Nintendo limited the console's docked CPU speed to 1020MHz and the GPU to 768MHz. These figures were both substantially below the performance found in Nvidia Shield Android TV, which uses the same Tegra X1 processor as the Switch. In handheld mode, however, the GPU was further slashed to 40-50% of that figure (between 307.2 and 384MHz). While this conservative clock speed helps prevent your Switch from cooking itself into a mess of melted plastic and electronics, it presents developers with some very stringent limitations.
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Pokémon Sword & Shield Are Being Developed With A Focus On Switch's Handheld Mode

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The opposite of Let's Go.
We haven't really heard a great deal about them since in February, but are still expected to launch later this year.
The games will introduce the series' next generation of locations and Pokémon, thrusting players into a new region and seemingly throwing some new ideas into the mix, and will act as the second mainline entries for the series on Switch. They'll be following in the footsteps of last year's , but Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa, has noted a key difference between the two.
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Apex Legends players discover hidden buff for Gibraltar, Respawn investigating

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From VG247: "Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 brought some big changes to Gibraltar, and Caustic but not everything was seemingly mentioned in the patch notes. The update added a passive damage reduction to both heroes to compensate for their larger size. Gibraltars Gun Shield in particular now absorbs more damage before being destroyed, which is another way of boosting his survivability."

The Banner Saga 3

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The pack contains a rank 10 Dredge Stoneguard character called Kivi, the unique Tank combat ability, the 'Sculptor's Tools' item, an exclusive Dredge Heraldry, a heroic tale called 'Shield Cleaver,' and an exclusive Banner Saga 3 overture track from Austin Wintory.
Publisher: Versus Evil
Release Date: Jul 26, 2018


G2A unveil game bundles in overhaul of controversial Shield service

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Videogame key marketplace G2A are making changes to G2A Shield, which began life as user insurance against defective keys but now seems to be evolving into a premium membership service. Among the known changes are easier cancellations and the addition of game bundles in the as-yet unnamed premium version, but G2A’s recent product announcements imply that more features could be added in 2017.
G2A offer games cheap, but not for free. Bargain hunters might like to check our list of the . G2A Surprise Bundles
If you’ve been following PCGamesN for a while, you may remember about a redditor who detailed the tortuous process of canceling G2A Shield in a . As G2A CEO Bartosz Skwarczek admitted at the company’s Winter Party (with Polish politicians in attendance, no less), it took 16 clicks across ten different screens, and included a 20-minute wait for a confirmation email.



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