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Talking Point: Nintendo Has Stumbled With Switch Online, But It Can Learn From Its Mistakes

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"Learning when and how to react is not a natural skill".
It's long been said – mostly by the company's critics, admittedly - that Nintendo 'doesn't get' online. While Microsoft and Sony (and, you could argue, Sega) led the charge when it came to connecting console gamers to the World Wide Web, Nintendo was happy to sit back and focus on producing amazing games and innovative hardware – a strategy that arguably worked just fine during the DS and Wii eras, thank you very much.
That stance has changed with Switch, which – with the introduction of a – is now Nintendo's most 'online' piece of hardware. Even so, the company has stumbled a little along the way; not only was Switch Online embarrassingly late – the console has been available for over a year, lest we forget – but the company has fumbled some key points, one of the most egregious being the confusion over the .
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Switch Online proves, once again, that NES games aren't that good

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Nintendo Enthusiast argues that NES games, in general, are pretty overrated. Nintendo Switch Online reaffirms this.

Video: Here's A Look At The Latest NES Releases Now Playable On Switch

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A blast from the past.
If you're not sure what games have been added to the Switch Online NES library recently, Nintendo's has released a clip showing off each one in action. For the month of October, the releases include , and .
This appears to be the same trailer as the Japanese one from last week when the release date for the three games was originally . Not on display is the "souped-up" version of - Living the life of luxury!, giving players access to a ton of rupees and items.
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Reminder: Three New NES Games Are Now Available To Play On Switch

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Technically four, actually.
While the new 'Special' edition of stole the show and earlier on today, we felt it worth reminding you lovely readers that today marks the arrival of the first set of new NES games on Switch - and give you a little bit of background info on all three, of course.
The three games in question are , and , all of which can be accessed instantly by loading up your Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online app (assuming you have an active online subscription, of course). You can find out more about all three below.
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Surprise! A Special Version Of The Legend Of Zelda Has Appeared In The Switch's NES Library

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Well, they kept that quiet.
If you're a subscriber of the recently launched Nintendo Switch Online service, and especially if you're a fan of the instant-access NES catalogue now available to you, you may well be aware that today sees the . Well, it turns out there's actually a fourth - and it's a spin on a Zelda classic.
Yes, as promised, , and have all arrived, bumping the standard roster of NES games up to 23 in total, but this new Zelda option takes that total up another notch. Called 'The Legend of Zelda – Living the life of luxury!', the game acts as a "souped-up version of ", giving players access to pretty much everything from the start. Take a look.
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Timberman VS Receives Online Multiplayer This Week, Steam Cross-Platform Play Coming Soon

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Chop chop!
Forever Entertainment has revealed that its arcade-sports title is getting a brand new update later this week, adding online multiplayer into its frantic mix.
Launching on Friday 5th October (at 4am CEST to be precise), this new multiplayer update will allow you to take your wood-chopping challenge to other players around the world online. Naturally, we expect you'll need an active subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service to take part.
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Nintendo Adding Three More Games To Switch Online NES Library Next Week

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Membership required to play.
In the month of September, we found out three classic games would be added each month to the Nintendo Switch Online NES library until the end of 2018. Nintendo's website even went to the extent of the titles players could expect to see appear on the recently launched service.
In case you missed it, the month of October is adding , and . Nintendo of America's has now confirmed the games will become available on the October. Nintendo's Japanese has also uploaded a brief trailer to showcase the three Famicom games, which can be seen above.
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Is Nintendo Switch DLC Locked Behind Their Online Service?

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Nintendos new online system has been a topic of massive debate since its detailed drop in the recent Direct. Some people feel its a great price for an online marketplace, while others feel its massively lacking and barebones. But no one expected the ability to download DLC to be locked behind a Switch Online membership as well. Well, Lego Worlds shows us that just might be the case.

Nintendo Switch Review - 2018

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With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, we take another look at the Switch a year and a half after launch.

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Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo Entertainment System Overview Trailer

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Watch the overview trailer for details on the NES games which come with the Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

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