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Monolith Soft Explains Why Xenoblade Chronicles On Switch Contains A New Epilogue Story

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"There were two reasons".
Later this week, arrives on the Nintendo Switch. According to Monolith Soft president Takahashi Tetsuya, returning players can look forward to "about 20 hours" of new content in the epilogue story Future Connected - although his own most recent playthrough took him about "10 to 12 hours" to complete.
Why did the developer include this new content in the first place, though? In the same Q&A with Famitsu recently Tetsuya explained how there were two reasons:
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Swedish Retailer Updates Its Listing For Metroid Prime Trilogy On Switch, Says It's Arriving Next Month

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Second time lucky?
There have been ongoing rumours about the coming to the Nintendo Switch for a few years now, yet it's still nowhere to be seen. Is it real, is it fake? Nobody is entirely sure, but it seems to keep popping up here and there.
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Hideki Kamiya Is Sick Of Fans Asking Him If Bayonetta 3 Has Been Cancelled

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Throw those concerns "out the window".
It's become almost a monthly ritual now for PlatinumGames to reassure its fanbase that the upcoming Switch exclusive is still on the way, and earlier this week (to mark the month of May), we got another update.
In the with VGC, Bayonetta series creator Hideki Kamiya took the opportunity to address questions he had been receiving from fans on Twitter recently - asking if the game had been cancelled. Once again, he made it clear that Platinum was "hard at work" on Bayonetta's third outing:
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Suda51 Would Like To Release Some Of Grasshopper's Older Games On Switch

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But it's not necessarily his decision to make.
Legendary video game designer Suda51 is currently hard at work on the Switch exclusive , but what are the chances of some of Grasshopper Manufacture's older titles coming across to Nintendo's hybrid system in the future?
During , a translator - on behalf of Suda - explained how it wasn't really his company's decision to make, in most cases. For example, on Switch is "pretty much" up to Capcom, and a Nintendo version of Killer Is Dead would need to be discussed with Kadokawa Games, as "different parts of the rights" are split up.
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Valfaris and Slain: Back From Hell - Double Pack Trailer

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The Valfaris & Slain: Back From Hell Double Pack is available now on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (NA), and coming to Nintendo Switch in EU on the 23 of April.

Bloodstained's Latest Update Is Finally Available On Switch - Adds A New Mode And Character

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Download it today.
After stating the Switch iteration of would be with other versions back in March - a few months later, 505 Games announced the next update for Nintendo players would arrive a than the rest.
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Limited Run Games Teases Blaster Master Zero Announcement, More Info Next Week

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What could it be?
One classic game that's made a comeback during the Switch generation is , thanks to the release of and . We loved both entries in , and while we'd often tell you to go and play them right away if you haven't already, in this case we're going to advise you hold off just a little longer.
You see, the physical specialist Limited Run Games recently took to Twitter to tease some sort of Blaster Master announcement for next Monday. Take a look below:
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Pac-Man Celebrates His 40th Anniversary With A Special Sale On The Switch eShop

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Up to 75% off select games.
Bandai Namco is currently celebrating Pac-Man's 40th anniversary on the Switch eShop with a special sale on . Instead of paying the usual price for it, right now you can get it for just £4.19 / $5.99 or your regional equivalent (that's up to 75% off).
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Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch)

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A staff review for Battle Chasers: Nightwar on the Switch platform, contributed by Joseph Shaffer.


Urban Flow Gets The Green Light For A June Release On Switch

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It's like a living organism.
Coming to Switch as a console exclusive, indie game has got the signal for release on 26th June. The multiplayer game involves directing traffic and bringing harmony to the chaotic streets, as you can see from the new trailer above from Baltoro Games.
Announced back , Urban Flow lets you play puppet master with traffic lights to conduct motorists from on high. It's up to you to concentrate and make sure everything runs smoothly on the roads. The game features 100 levels of jammed intersections to bring order to, and you can probably guess at the chaos that ensues if things don't go to plan.
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