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The Legend of Evil - Launch Trailer

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Fight for the forces of evil in the ultimate battle of tower offense in The Legend of Evil, available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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Video: Even Menu Controls Are Challenging In The Switch Version Of Dark Souls

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Prepare to press B.
Our very own Alex Olney has been enjoying since it was released on the Nintendo Switch, but one aspect of the game has seriously got on his nerves. It's to do with how two buttons in the menus don't match default settings found in other games.
The 'B' button is essentially used to confirm decisions in the menus, while the 'A' button acts as the cancellation button. As Alex points out, it's the complete opposite to what you would expect. It means you'll often enter a menu wanting to select something or other before realising you've exited out by accident.
In an attempt to resolve this minor problem, Alex went to remap the game's menu controls only to discover options to change the menu functions of these buttons is greyed out. You simply can't swap the two buttons around. At a loss at this point, our video producer took to the streets and even ventured into the homes of other people to find out how everyone else was feeling about this situation. Unsurprisingly, he's not alone with his frustrations.
Is Alex blowing this out of proportion or is this something Bandai Namco needs to fix? Be sure to view the video above and tell us in the comments below.
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Daily Deals: Get 3 Free Months of Audible and 3 Free Audiobooks

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Lenovo Intel Core i7-8550U 15" Laptop for $499, 128GB Switch Memory Card for $23, Blade Runner 2049 in 4K for $15, Buy PS4 Pro Get Red Dead Redemption 2 Free, and More.

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch Will Let You Code Your Own Games On Switch From April Next Year

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Learn to code directly on Switch.
FUZE Technologies Ltd has revealed that its upcoming platform will be officially launching on the console in April next year.
It's been quite a while since we last heard about FUZE4 Nintendo Switch - we actually received in January - but the team behind the tool has been working solidly around the clock to produce an environment which they hope "is easy to use and accessible to all".
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Velocity 2X - Nintendo Switch Official Accolades Trailer

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See what some critics have said about the game, available now on Nintendo Switch.

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Yomawari: The Long Night Collection - A Sinister Encounter Trailer

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Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming game, available on Nintendo Switch on October 30.

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Brings More Tactical RPG Goodness To Switch This November

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New artwork and screenshots revealed.
CIRCLE Entertainment has announced that will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this November.
Despite offering familiar gameplay to the trilogy already available on Switch, CIRCLE Entertainment tells us that this game offers "a separate story and worldview", not acting as an orthodox sequel to previous releases. Luckily for those who may have missed those earlier titles, this game won't require you to have played through previous entries to fully enjoy the content on offer.
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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Free DLC Bundle 1 Trailer

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10 more titles are coming to the game after launch including Fantasy, Munch Mobile, Chopper I and more. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 13.

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