Friday, 21 February 2020
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List of Every Temtem So Far

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See every Temtem available in Early Access.

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Temtem Developer Lays Down The Law And Bans "Almost 900" Cheaters

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But will allow players to appeal.
You might have heard about the indie hit . It's a game "" Game Freak's long-running Pokémon RPG series and wants to be the very best creature collection MMO on the market. While it's still yet to arrive on the Switch, the title recently launched on Steam. On its first day, its servers under the demand and since then it's been growing in popularity.
Now that it's been available for a few weeks, developer Crema Games has decided to unleash its first wave of bans. According to a recent tweet by the company, it's banned "almost" 900 players. Every user who was banned was "100%" confirmed as either a cheater or an individual who abused exploits intentionally.
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Temtem Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

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Follow along with our Temtem walkthrough to learn exactly where to go and how to win every battle.

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Temtem Combat Tips and Strategies

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Everything you need to know about Temtem's battle system.

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Temtem Type Chart - List of Type Weaknesses and Advantages

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See every type's strength and weaknesses in Temtem with these handy type charts.

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Pokémon Clone Temtem Is So Successful Its Servers Are Crumbling Under Demand

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Could be one of the biggest Steam launches ever.
Crema Games has just released its monster-collecting MMO on , and it's proven to be so successful that players have . Thankfully, it would seem that things are now after some updates, but people are still having trouble getting the game up and running smoothly – but then, isn't that why 'early access' is much fun?
As you can see from the game's launch trailer above, it's all very "Pocket Monster", complete with an anime-style aesthetic, catchy theme tune and a cast of cute beasts to collect. The key difference is that this is an MMO, which could take the whole 'gotta catch 'em all' concept to an entirely new level.
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