Saturday, 22 September 2018
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The Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Are Now Available To Pre-Order In Europe

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Playing with power.
If you're wanting to play the Nintendo Switch Online's selection of NES games in style, then you've probably been keeping an eye on the recently announced NES-style controllers for the console. The good news for European players is that the controllers are now available to pre-order directly from the My Nintendo store.
With the Online service now very much in action, we've finally had just over a day-or-so with the Netflix-style NES catalogue on Switch. While many of us are over and over again on each Nintendo system, we have to admit that the execution of the new service is utterly fantastic, with all 20 of the first batch of games being incredibly accessible at lightning speeds.
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The Nintendo Switch Mobile App Has Been Updated To Support Voice Chat On More Games

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Have a word.
The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, which - until now - has been pretty much useless unless you're a keen player, has finally been updated to support more titles.
Thanks to the introduction of Nintendo's new online service on Switch, it appears that everything is now receiving a much-needed boost in terms of features. Previously, the smartphone app could only support voice chat for Splatoon 2, with that very same game being the only one to include 'game-specific services'.
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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch Online

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The Nintendo Switch Online service launches tonight, here are the free games and other features you'll get.

Reminder: Wireless NES Controllers For Switch Are Now Available To Pre-Purchase In North America

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Get them while you can.
The Nintendo Switch Online service is now live, meaning the recently announced wireless NES controllers can now be purchased from the , at least in North America. You must have a subscription to the Switch online service and the deal is limited to one pack per Nintendo account.
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Soapbox: Why I'm Not Excited About Playing NES Games On The Nintendo Switch

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All NES'ed out.
Soapbox features enable our individual writers to voice their own opinions on hot topics, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. In this piece, Nintendo Life Operations Director Darren Calvert admits that he's not in the least bit excited about the prospect of playing NES games again in 2018...
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This NES Encyclopedia Catalogues Every Game Released For The System In Lovely Book Form

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Will be available worldwide.
Whether you're old enough to remember buying your very own, or you're simply interested in gaming history, you'll no doubt be aware of the NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System - to give it its full name - first found its way into people's homes during the '80s, introducing players to the likes of and and going on to be a huge part of Nintendo's history in the process.
If you want to reminisce on all your old favourites, or learn a thing or two about the console's complete lineup of games, this NES encyclopedia could well be for you. A full colour, A4, hardback release, this book features 187,000 words dedicated to every single game in the console's library, and even features a bonus section covering a further 162 unlicensed games, giving you the lowdown on every ‘unauthorised’ release for the system.
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In Japan, The Nintendo Switch Is Streaming Games That Its Not Powerful Enough To Run

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The Japanese Nintendo Direct housed the oddest news when the company revealed that Assassins Creed Odyssey will be playable on the console when it releases thanks to streaming. This cloud-based version of the game will only be available in Japan, but it raises a number of interesting questions about the future of video game streaming and its potential.

PS4's Mysterious 6.0 Update Disappoints - IGN Daily Fix

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The Nintendo Switch cloud saves can expire, all the Final Fantasy you can handle coming to Switch, and a mysterious new PS4 update.

PS4's Mysterious 6.0 Update Disappoints - IGN Daily Fix

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The Nintendo Switch cloud saves can expire, all the Final Fantasy you can handle coming to Switch, and a mysterious new PS4 update.

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