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Tower Game PWA is harder than it looks!

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Yes, it's another casual one-tap PWA game, along the lines of the classic tower-building endeavour. And its harder than it looks, with the swinging crane tether getting more violent very quickly.These PWA games are unlikely to entertain you for an evening, but they're good for waiting in queues, etc.

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Nintendo's Dragalia Lost Makes $16 Million in Two Weeks, Eclipsing Animal Crossing

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Nintendos fourth mobile game, Dragalia Lost, has grossed an estimated $16 million in its first two weeks of availability, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data. Approximately $13.5 million of this player spending has come from Japan and the United States, where the game now ranks third in terms of revenue for Nintendo mobile titles, ahead of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camps $9.8 million for the same period post-launch.

Niantic's Pokémon GO Catches A Cool $84.8 Million In The Month Of September

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8.86 million additional installs.
appears to be an unstoppable force, with Sensor Tower reporting Niantic's mobile hit just had its best month since November 2017. The title grossed close to $85 million ($84.8 million, to be exact) during the month of September. This is a 15 percent month-over-month increase and compared to last September it's an 89 percent improvement. As a result of this, it's the fourth best app in terms of revenue.
In terms of downloads, the game had its strongest month of 2018 so far - reaching 8.86 million additional installs. Compared to last September, this is reportedly a 100 percent year-over-year increase. Taking into account September's sales figures, this means Pokémon GO has had its highest earnings for the third quarter since its launch year.
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Dragalia Lost Makes $16 Million In First Two Weeks, Outperforms Animal Crossing

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Promising signs.
Last week, Sensor Tower released data the latest Nintendo-published game had grossed an estimated $3.5 million in the first five days. Its limited-size launch placed it behind every existing Nintendo mobile game including .
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Steampunk Tower 2: Various Steam Achievements

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Steampunk Tower 2: Various Steam Achievements

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Dragalia Lost Revenue Surpasses $3 Million in Its First Five Days

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With its first weekend officially on the books, Nintendos latest mobile release, Dragalia Lost, has grossed an estimated $3.5 million so far in its limited set of launch territories, which include the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows that the game has been installed more than 800,000 times across these regions on the App Store and Google Play.

Dragalia Lost Revenue Surpasses $3 Million In Five Days

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800,000 installations so far.
Sensor Tower has revealed the new Nintendo-published mobile game has grossed an estimated $3.5 million over its first five days. Data based on the limited launch - which included the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau - revealed more than 800,000 installations across the App Store and Google Play.
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Nintendo Switch Online Companion App Reaches Five Million Downloads

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25 percent of Switch install base.
As it's now been a week since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, Sensor Tower has taken a look at the figures for the service's smartphone companion app. Since the arrival of paid subscriptions, Nintendo's app has been installed by more than five million iOS and Android users around the globe. This roughly equates to a quarter of the Switch's global install base. 60 percent of users downloaded the app on Google Play while the other 40 percent obtained it from Apple's Store. Japan and the United States are the countries with the most installations of the app so far, making up 33 and 30 percent of total users.
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Make Sail Let's You Build a Boat so You Can Please a Tower - Gamerccino

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Make Sail is a sailing experience that allows you to create the boat of your dreams as you try to make an angry tower happy again.

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Publisher 'Another Indie' Has Two New Brilliant Titles I Cannot Wait to Play | COGconnected

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COGconnected: Another Indie brought Legrand Legacy and NAIRI: Tower of Shirin to PAX West, taking a these decidedly Eastern influenced games with plans to bring them to Western consoles in 2019.

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