Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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10 Awesome Switch Games For Under $10

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Here are the best 10 Nintendo Switch games you can buy for under ten bucks.

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10 Awesome Switch Games For Under $10

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Some of the best cheap, fun games you can buy for Switch right now!

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Battlefield 5 Campaign: 9 Minutes of Base Infiltration Gameplay ('Under No Flag' Mission)

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We take matters into our own hands in the Under No Flag mission of Battlefield 5's War Stories single-player campaign.

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Big Screen 4K TVs for Under $500 at Walmart

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Order a new, gigantic 4K TV now and you can get it in time for the weekend.

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The Best Physical Nintendo Switch Games Under $30 Right Now

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The Nintendo Switch library is always expanding, and there are some incredible games available for under $30.

This Nintendo Switch 'Safe' Keeps Your Console And Game Card Slot Under Lock And Key

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You can still turn it on, though.
A Nintendo Switch 'Game Console Safe' has appeared on the market, giving customers the chance to rather literally lock their console to its dock for more security.
The item is currently being sold on Etsy from seller , with its product description highlighting just some of the situations in which it could be useful. One example suggests that it can prevent any children from taking the console out of the dock without permission; another considers the possibility of you running a tournament of some kind, with the safe acting as a way to keep your console safe from any thieves.
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Zen Studios Under Fire For Censorship In Pinball FX3, Explains It Was To Keep Game "Family-Friendly"

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Good intentions.
In September, Zen Studios revealed it had acquired the Williams and Bally pinball collection for . At the time of the announcement, the Managing Director the development team had grown up admiring these pinball machines and were devoted to treating each of the beloved tables with a great level of respect.
Since the arrival of these classic tables in the game last week, pinball enthusiasts have noticed modifications have been made to each one. According to Ars Technica, scantily clad women have been covered up, violent imagery has been removed, explicit language has been censored, beer cans have been changed to soda cans and cigars have been completely removed from the mouths of characters. It's all to do with ensuring the game can appeal to all ages and stay within the existing E10+ rating.
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