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Japanese Developer Grezzo Handling The Switch Version Of Link's Awakening

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And there are "no plans" for Oracle remakes.
Japanese video game developer Grezzo has made a name for itself over the years re-releasing older Zelda games on newer Nintendo systems.
It started out with in 2011 and followed this up with in 2015. In between, it has worked on titles such as and also handled the re-release of the original on 3DS, not to forget .
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Nintendo Switch System Update 8.1.0 Is Now Live

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Fancy some stability?
Nintendo has rolled out its latest firmware update for the Switch. Version 8.1.0 promises to make your system even more stable than it was before. Here are the official patch notes:
General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience
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Dotemu "Honored" To Team Up With Square Enix For Remastered Version Of Final Fantasy VIII

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The French company behind Streets of Rage 4.
During Square Enix Live at E3 2019, it was revealed would be released on the Switch later this year. Since then, it's been discovered the French developer and publisher Dotemu will be helping out with this version – with the company revealing it was both "proud and honored" to team up with Square Enix.
If the name sounds familiar, that's because this is the same team associated with and the upcoming releases and Streets of Rage 4. You can also view more of the company's work on its .
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Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Update Adds Fresh Features, Free DLC Coming Later This Month

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New cameras, music and cars.
Nintendo Switch-exclusive racer has received an update which takes the game to Version 1.4. Available for free, the update adds several fresh additions.
You can check out a full list of the changes below. Alongside the new features, you'll find a handful of tweaks designed to improve your experience with the game.
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Video: Digital Foundry Compares The Switch Version Of Octopath Traveler To The PC Release

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Revisiting Square Enix's JRPG.
might have started out life as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but less than a year after its release, it has become available on the PC. With Square Enix's JRPG now even more accessible, the experts over Digital Foundry decided to compare the two versions.
The PC release of Octopath unleashes the full potential of Square Enix and Acquire's unique JRPG. Armed with a full settings menu, this is the first time we've seen the game pushed to 60fps - and in doing so, sidestepping the frame-pacing issue on Switch.
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There's Actually A Third Version Of The Sega Mega Drive Mini

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The Asian variant also has exclusive games.
With all the news yesterday concerning , it's easy to get a little confused over the regional exclusives for each version of the console. To add to that confusion there's also a third version of the plug-and-play mini console to consider with its own exclusive titles.
This Asian variant will release everywhere on the continent outside Japan, and it might have slipped your notice. It includes a mixture of games from the western and Japanese consoles, plus the following five exclusive titles:
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The Mega Drive Mini Ships With A Version Of Tetris We Were Never Meant To Play

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Micro-console suddenly becomes amazing value.
Before Nintendo licenced Tetris for the Game Boy, the Russian puzzler was subject to some pretty shady licencing deals which involved several different individuals trading global rights to a game they didn't really own.
The fallout of this was that the arcade and Japanese home system rights went to Sega, which duly produced a coin-op version and a port for its Mega Drive console.
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Leaked NBA 2K20 Promotional Materials Confirm Switch Version And Release Date

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Slam dunk.
Annual sports game releases are a staple of every video game system's library and for the Nintendo Switch, it is no different. It typically means we see slightly improved titles year after year, including new faces, team outfits, commentary and featuring more social and gameplay features than before.
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.1.0 Introduces Lots Of Fighter Adjustments

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Here's the full list.
's most recent update has turned out to be an incredibly significant one. You probably already know that Version 3.1.0 has brought with it the option to , but it's also introduced numerous changes to plenty of playable characters.
All fighters have had their wall jumping ability tweaked a little, but a large number from the roster have also received other changes in efforts to provide balanced gameplay. Make sure to check the full list below to spot how your main has changed; some characters have had a lot more tweaks than others (poor Pichu).
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Labo VR Mode Now Available

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Nintendo has released Version 3.1.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it does bring VR to Smash via the Toy-Con VR Goggles from the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit.


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