Thursday, 02 July 2020
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Supercade Returns With A Visual History Of Console Gaming's "Golden Age"

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From the NES to the Xbox.
Fans of video game art books may well be aware of the name ; written by Van Burnham (Wired, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official US PlayStation Magazine, Retro Gamer), the first volume charted the period between 1971-1984, when arcade gaming drove video games into popular culture. Packed with written history, full-colour images, promotional material and much more, Supercade was named one of the Top Ten Books of 2001 by LA Weekly and was also nominated for an IPPY Award.
After almost two decades, Burnham is back with a second volume, covering the period between 1985 and 2001. The book will document the rise of consoles and the ascension of Nintendo via its NES, and will take the reader up to the turn of the millennium with the arrival of the Xbox and the exit of Sega from the hardware arena.
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For Honor - Weekly Content Update for the Week of June 18, 2020 Trailer

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This week's content update for For Honor brings new executions: Blow Your Own Horn, Cheaty Flute, Harp Hey Joe, and Lute Not.

For Honor - Weekly Content Update for June 11, 2020 Trailer

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New emotes: Dubious Assessment and One of your Shrugs are available in For Honor as part of this week's content update.

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Sega's Game Gear Micro Might Not Be The "Revolutionary" Scoop Famitsu Has Been Teasing

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Is a bigger announcement on the way?
Sega has it is releasing a Game Gear Micro and you're probably wondering if this has anything to do with the "" scoop that was meant to be revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.
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Magic Quest: TCG - Screenshots

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- Cross Platform: Mobile & Browser platforms together, the more players; the funnier it gets!
- Competitive PvP: Play against random Summoners
- : Join a Guild and get special rewards!
- Dungeons & Raids: Play solo or with your Guild mates.
- Auction House: Have too many cards? Auction them and get some extra gold!
- Craft: Upgrade cards to their final phase!
- Classes: Choose among 10 different classes, level them up and get Unique rewards!
- Weekly / Monthly Tournaments (PvP/Dungeons): Your efforts will be rewarded!
- Deck Builder: Build your own decks for different Classes.
- Offline Mode: No internet connection? No problem, you can keep playing!
- Exclusive Cards Artwork: Beautiful pieces of art for your enjoyment!



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