Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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Twitter PWA gets updates and fixes

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Twitter keeps on improving its Twitter PWA, most easily accessed on Windows 10 Mobile through the official UWP Store application, even if the code changes are all server-side. It's the flagship social network for W10M these days, and here's what's new, updated and fixed!


'Your Phone' apps integration now available to all (with a Samsung smartphone)

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We've reported many times over the last year (e.g. ) on Microsoft's 'Your Phone' system, constantly improving in terms of how much of an Android smartphone can be seen and used on a wired or wirelessly-connected PC. OK, ok, so far only Samsung phones have the required 'Link to Windows' hook-up - other Android phones are supported at a much more rudimentary level. But still, it's rather impressive integration - being able to pin Android apps into your Windows 10 Start screen and run them (in a window) as if they were PC apps. Today sees the rollout of all this to non-beta-testers, to non-Insiders. So if you have a Samsung smartphone from the last three years and a Windows PC then you're in and you can play!


Continuum-esque Windows hot-desking, 2020 style

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I thought this might be of interest, from someone who was all in on Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum (or Android and Samsung DeX) as the way forward four years ago. Even though Windows 10 Mobile had the rug pulled out from under its feet by Microsoft and then died the death of (lack of) a thousand apps, the dream of hot-desking lives on in other guises. Witness my data point below - it's not a perfect solution but it's technically elegant.


The Surface Go gets veritable raft of system updates

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Many of us have a Microsoft Surface Go, it's as close to Windows in a pocket as you can get these days. Well, perhaps not a pocket, but it's a very light affair to carry by any other means. I was struck by the sheer number of serious-sounding firmware updates this morning, along with a few issues in the update process, of which more below.


Winsta (Instagram) UWP gets a big '3.0' rewrite

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Winsta UWP (an Instagram client for Windows on phones) has seen numerous updates over the last couple of years, constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of what Instagram features are supported and constantly fixing things which break because of changes at Insta's end. And we now have a big new, shiny v3.0, much of which is a rewrite and involves architecture changes to make Winsta more future-proof.

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Taking your Microsoft Edge favourites to an iPhone...

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So you have a library of Internet Explorer (WP8.1) or Edge bookmarks/favourites, and you'd like to bring them with you onto a brave new platform? It's part of the mental equation, at least, in terms of keeping the best of the old with the best of the new. There are various ways and means to migrate hundreds of favourite URLs, but with the latest iOS 14 beta (the full release coming in a few weeks), you can now use Edge itself on an iPhone. Yes, complete with signing into your Microsoft account and having access to favourites, browsing history, etc. In theory even from Windows phones. So it's not now just Android which can mimic some of what you had on Windows 10 Mobile...


Battle between the last bastions of Windows 10 Mobile

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Guest writer Nico brings us a retrospective specs and user experience comparison of the three Windows 10 Mobile 'flagships'. My favourite was the Alcatel, despite some imaging misses, because I just love the screen contrast and colours, and the stereo speakers - but here's Nico's take, borne of personal experience of all three (I - Steve - don't have an Elite x3 anymore, sadly)... Which of the three (or four, depending on how you count) is/was your favourite?


Twitter UWP gets huge Settings overhaul

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Twitter keeps on improving its UWP application with server side (it's a PWA under the hood) changes and this month's update hit yesterday, with a complete overhaul of the Settings hierarchy. It's, dare I say it, a little Windows Phone-esque now! Twitter is perhaps the flagship social network for W10M in these last days for the OS, so here's what's new, updated and fixed!


Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut Is Now Available For Xbox One And Windows 10 (Xbox Play Anywhere)

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  Product Info: Developer: WayForward Publisher: WayForward Website: Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut Twitter: @WayForward

Katana Zero Is Now Available For Xbox One And Windows 10 (Also Included With Xbox Game Pass)

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  Product Info: Developer: Askiisoft Publisher: Devolver Digital‬ Website: Katana Zero Twitter: @askiisoft / @devolverdigital / @katana_zero

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