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PlatinumGames Open To Wonderful 101 Sequel, As Long As Fans Show Their Support

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By backing the remaster.
In the with Nintendo Everything, prior to the reveal of , PlatinumGames head Atsushi Inaba said the developer was open to a follow-up, provided fans showed their support for the remaster.
In regards to a sequel or something, we can’t make one if there aren’t any fans for the series in the first place. So if fans support this and things go really well for The Wonderful 101, then I’d say it’s pretty natural that we’d want to make another game in the series!
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Hideki Kamiya Explains Why The Wonderful 101 Needed To Be Remastered

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The original "wasn't a successful business endeavor".
When the remastered version of was announced on Kickstarter, it was wonderful news for multiple platforms. As exciting as it was that this Wii U exclusive would be made available to more players, not every fan was necessarily happy with the decision.
In an interview with Nintendo Everything, prior to the official announcement of the remaster, the game's director Hideki Kamiya made it clear that the original game "wasn't a successful business endeavor" and that it was a "high-quality game" Platinum was hoping a lot of people would experience. Obviously, this wasn't the outcome.
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Video: Early Plans For The Wonderful 101 Starred F-Zero's Captain Falcon, Mario And More

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The game's history explained.
Unless you've been living under a giant fist/sword/gun-shaped rock over the past week or so, you'll be aware that Wii U exclusive has been all over the news just lately. The sudden interest has arrived thanks to which has already generated enough funds to secure and PS4.
With all of this sudden excitement for the game, what better time could there ever be to take a look back through its development history? The video below comes from video game researcher Liam Robertson, who has explored the game's creation, the inspirations of director Hideki Kamiya, and even the discussions which took place between PlatinumGames and Nintendo.
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Random: The Guy Behind 'Thong Song' Has Backed The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter

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He wants a cameo in it, too.
Remember the Sure, you might have tried to erase that particular tune from your memory, but it was pretty huge back in 2000 (we can literally feel out bodies crumbling to dust as we type this).
What does this have to do with Nintendo, you ask? Well, SisQó – the 'talent' behind the aforementioned song – has only gone and backed Kickstarter.
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The Wonderful 101: Remastered Smashes Its $1.5 Million Stretch Goal, Platinum Reveals Two More

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Luka's second mission will unlock at $2 million.
It's been quite an eventful week for . In this short time frame, PlatinumGames it would be reviving the game via Kickstarter for multiple platforms – including the Nintendo Switch – and it raised more than in just 12 hours. Since then, it has received .
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The Wonderful 101 Remaster Has Already Been Rated In Australia

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On track for an April release.
Just days after its announcement, for Nintendo Switch has already been rated by the Australian Classification Board. Like the original release, it has received a 'PG' rating for parental guidance, as it contains mild fantasy violence and sexual references.
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The Nintendo Switch has Outsold the Xbox One and More 'Wonderful' News - NVC 493

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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Host Casey DeFreitas is joined by Peer Schneider, Brian Altano, and Zach Ryan to talk about the Nintendo Switch's new sales milestone. Then, the NVC crew discusses Shigeru Miyamoto's hopes for more Nintendo movies and Platinum's Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101 remaster. Plus, hear reactions to the new Animal Crossing Switch, and more! Finally, it's time for your listener queries on Question Block. Timecodes: 00:00:00 Welcome! 00:12:06 Miyamoto wants more Nintendo movies 00:23:19 The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter campaign! 00:34:50 Quick news! Saints Row, Animal Crossing Switch, and more 00:42:50 Games out this week 00:49:07 What we're playing 00:51:32 Question Block time!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Targeting 1080p/60fps On Switch

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As 's mighty rages on, more and more details are slowly being revealed for the now-confirmed Switch release.
Among them is an update regarding the technical performance we can expect to enjoy when the remaster hits new systems later this year. The information below comes from the Kickstarter's , confirming a target of 60fps on Switch with a resolution of 1080p when docked:
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PlatinumGames Is Releasing A Wonder-Red Statue That You Can Assemble And Paint Yourself

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Celebrating the remaster of The Wonderful 101.
If you've already thrown your wallet at remaster over on and want something else to go with it, perhaps this 'Wonder-Red' statue by is worth keeping an eye on.
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Hideki Kamiya Shares Early The Wonderful 101 Design Documents And Art

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Including the game's very first screenshot.
As you'll no doubt be aware if you've visited the site over the last couple of days, PlatinumGames earlier this week which will bring to Switch later this year. It's been quite the success, raising and speeding along with each passing minute.
Now, in an update added to the Kickstarter campaign, the game's director Hideki Kamiya has shared early design documents and little tidbits of info from 's development. He says, "The Wonderful 101 has a staggering amount of content – so much, in fact, that I have full confidence it can satisfy everyone even now, 6 long years after it was originally released", giving him a reason to search through an old hard drive and show off the content found below.
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