Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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Extremely Rare NES Game Becomes Most Expensive Video Game Collectible

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A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. has broken records at a recent auction.

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Nioh, Streets of Rage 4 and Jump Force Join PlayStation Now

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Three new games join the subscription streaming service this month: Nioh, Jump Force and Streets of Rage 4.

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Apex Legends - Legacy Battle Pass Trailer

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Take a look at what to expect with Apex Legends' Legacy Battle Pass featuring the Legendary Way of the Serpent Spitfire skin, three new Rare Legends skins, rewards, and more.

Streets of Rage 4 - Mr. X Nightmare DLC: Max Thunder Reveal Trailer

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Max Thunder joins the fight as part of the upcoming Mr. X Nightmare DLC for Streets of Rage 4. Watch the trailer for a look at the character in action as Max Thunder brings powerful moves and wrestling techniques to the game. Streets of Rage 4's Mr. X Nightmare DLC, featuring three new playable characters as well as a Survival game mode, arrives later in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Guide to S-Ranking Rampage Quests

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Rampages in Monster Hunter Rise are a totally separate quest type than your usual hunts, and they reward monster materials plus Rampage Tickets, which are used to upgrade weapons and, eventually, meld powerful Talismans. This is also the only way you'll encounter Apex monsters at least for now, which grant exclusive materials - so with all that in mind, here is a guide on everything you need to know in order to S+-Rank every Rampage quest you do, because the better you score, the more you'll get. And yes, they are easier with at least one other hunter!

Hubble Grabs a Colorful Photo of a Rare Star on the Verge of Destruction

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In celebration of the 31st anniversary of the launching of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers aimed the observatory at a "celebrity star" that is "waging a tug-of-war between gravity and radiation to avoid self-destruction."

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