Wednesday, 25 May 2022
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Dying Light 2: Stay Human - PS5 vs Series X vs PC Performance review

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With Dying Light 2 release finally here on PS5, Series X, Series S & PC we have a great deal to uncover. Light and darkness is key and poignantly, this comes through with the games Ray Tracing additions offering boosted shadows, AO, and reflections with PC having the best of the bunch. How does the PC spread its wings here over consoles? How do the consoles stack up? Is performance good? Let's sink our teeth into Dying Light 2: Stay Human

How to Quickly Farm Runes - Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide

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This video will show you numerous different routes that can earn you thousands of runes quickly so that you can level up. With the routes in this video, you will be able to farm runes as fast as you could need so that you max out your character skills as fast as possible. 00:00 - Intro 00:31 - Stormhill Giants Rune Route (1K Runes per kill) 02:05 - Greyoll - Preparation 03:15 - Greyoll - Travelling to Greyoll 04:46 - Ancient Dragon Greyoll (100K Runes at once) 06:18 - Mohgwyn Palace - Varre's Sidequest 09:29 - Mohgwyn Palace - Albinaurics Rune Route (2K Runes per kill) 09:58 - Mohgwyn Palace - Diseased Crow Rune Route (11K+ Runes per kill) 10:55 - Mohgwyn Palace - Out-of-Bounds Exploit (100K+ Runes per cycle) 12:35 - Find the Golden Scarab Talisman 13:46 - How to Craft Gold-Pickled Fowl Feet For boss guides, dungeon walkthroughs and so much more, head to our guide on

PS3 Emulator Will Now Boot Every Game Ever Released On The Console

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It's a huge achievement for the emulator, now in its 10th year


How to Prevent Burn-In on your Nintendo Switch OLED

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With Nintendo Switch OLED offering a much nicer picture than the previous model, it comes with one downside, burn-in.


Square Enix Says Balan Wonderworld is a Game it Recommends With Confidence

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Despite being involved in a lawsuit over its development, and negative reviews, Square Enix says it recommends Balan Wonderworld "with confidence".

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Switch 2: Nintendo Is Working Not to Make the Same Mistakes It Did With Wii U

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Nintendo won't say when it will release a successor to the Switch, but made clear that it's working not to repeat the same mistakes as it did when moving from Wii to Wii U, and DS to 3DS.

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Los Angeles Chargers Create Wild Anime Intro For Their 2022 Schedule

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The NFL's Los Angeles Chargers have turned their 2022 schedule into a wild anime intro that references One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and more.

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