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Mass Effect: The ENTIRE Story So Far

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming out soon with a brand new game in the Mass Effect universe on the Horizon. With this news, we took to opportunity to piece everything in the Mass Effect universe so far. From Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect Andromeda, here's everything that's happened. In this video, IGN takes you on a journey through the The Mass Effect story that dates back millions of years before the Reapers invaded the Milky Way Galaxy. Follow along as Commander Shepard takes on the galaxy to convince everyone of the impending Reaper threat that aims to wipe all all organic life. Shepard and the crew of the SSV Normandy SR-1 (SR-2 in Mass Effect 2), along with the likes of Liara T'Soni, Tali'Zorah, Urdnot Wrex, Garrus Vakarian, Ashley Williams, and Miranda Lawson work together to uncover the mystery of the Collectors and their connection to the Reapers. Before the events of Mass Effect 3, begins the 600 year journey in Mass Effect: Andromeda where the four races of the Citadel Council send thousands of citizens from with the human, Quarian, Asari, Turian, and Salarian races. IGN plans to cover so much of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition as well as keeping a watchful on how the new Mass Effect game shapes.

Sweet Tooth: Netflix Series Will Be Less Dark Than the Original Comic

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Sweet Tooth – the upcoming Netflix series based on the DC comic of the same name – will drop some of the darkness of the original graphic novel.

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Seth Rogen Says He'll No Longer Work With James Franco After Allegations

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Seth Rogen has said he doesn't plan on working with James Franco again following accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior.

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Activision No Longer Working With Call of Duty Actor After Sexist Comments

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Activision has announced it will no longer work with the voice actor behind Simon 'Ghost' Riley after a series of sexist remarks surfaced on social media.

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Introducing All About... Mobile!

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With Windows Phone (8.1 and W10M) news and software now almost at a standstill, you'll have noticed that a lot of AAWP content has involved comparisons and recommendations from the wider mobile world. So, going forwards, we've expanded the 'All About' sites to include All About Mobile. As the name suggests, it covers features about all mobile platforms of interest. All content is tagged and we'll make sure that it appears on each relevant site in the family. Which is partly why AAM (hey, a new acronym) launches with up to three years of relevant content! Do please be gentle with us in the comments, since there are a few minor quirks and rough edges that are still being ironed out.

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How to Beat Wind Serpent Ibushi

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Jump to 00:00:53 for gameplay tips! You will first unlock the Elder Dagon Ibushi as an Urgent Quest after completing a few 6-Star Gathering Hub Key Quests. This video guide shows you how to beat Wind Serpent Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise. The first minute shows you how to prepare for Ibushi, showing Ibushi weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and how to join the quest in multiplayer online. The remaining video shows Ibushi Rampage gameplay, with advice on how to handle its attacks and how to beat it.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Walkthrough - Castle Dimitrescu

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*MAJOR SPOILER WARNING* Part 3 of our Resident Evil Village walkthrough shows you how to complete the Hall of the Four Puzzle and collect all 12 File collectibles, 6 Treasure collectibles, and 3 Goat of Warding collectibles. 00:15 - Enter the Castle 00:41 - Cutscene: Meet all the Lords 07:15 - Goat of Warding 07:55 - Cutscene: Meet the Duke 10:10 - Guest Book File 11:40 - Cutscene: Meet Lady Dimitrescu & her daughters 15:02 - Crimson Glass Treasure 16:05 - Maroon Eye Ring (Key Item) 17:40 - Cutscene: Find the Duke in Castle Dimitrescu 18:48 - The Labyrinths File 20:19 - Winemaking History File 21:58 - Cutscene: Ethan is chased by one of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters 22:48 - A Maid's Diary File 24:35 - Wine Cellar Puzzle Solution 25:15 - Treatment Candidates File 25:40 - Observation Report File 29:55 - Spoiler: Dimitrescu's Daughters First Boss Fight 31:40 - Sanguis Virginis (Key Item) 31:55 - A Cook's Diary File 33:04 - Weapon Mod: LEMI Recoil Compensator 35:28 - Courtyard Key (Key Item) 42:00 - Hall of Ablution Puzzle Solution 43:22 - Goat of Warding 48:18 - Cutscene: Eavesdrop on Lady Dimitrescu 49:50 - Alcina Dimitrescu's Diary File 50:15 - Dimitrescu's Key (Key Item) 50:32 - Cutscene: Encounter with Lady Dimitrescu 52:25 - Spoiler Cutscene: Lady Dimitrescu Attacks 53:40 - Mask of Sorrow (Key Item for the Hall of the Four Puzzle) 56:55 - Lady's Lipstick Treasure 58:08 - Grand Chambermaid's Notice File 58:40 - Further Observations File 59:35 - Flower Swords Ball (Key Item for Labyrinth Puzzle) 1:01:00 - Insect Observations Journal File 1:01:25 - Iron Insignia Key Piano Puzzle Solution 1:03:10 - Spoiler: Dimitrescu's Daughters Second Boss Fight 1:05:40 - Mask of Joy (Key Item for the Hall of the Four Puzzle) 1:07:30 - Labyrinth Puzzle Solution (Crimson Skull Treasure) 1:09:40 - Mask of Pleasure (Key Item for the Hall of the Four Puzzle) 1:10:10 - Spoiler: Dimitrescu's Daughters Final Boss Fight 1:13:30 - Atelier Bell Puzzle Solution 1:15:20 - Goat of Warding 1:15:36...

Resident Evil Village: How to Find and Complete the Necklace With Two Holes

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Here's a complete guide on finding all two Pigeon Blood Rubies, which are combined with the Necklace With Two Holes to create Dimitrescu's Necklace in Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village: How to Find and Complete the Necklace With Two Holes

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Here's a complete guide on finding all two Pigeon Blood Rubies, which are combined with the Necklace With Two Holes to create Dimitrescu's Necklace in Resident Evil Village.

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