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Did Windows Phone, as a platform, only last 18 months?

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Almst six years ago to the day, Microsoft launched what would become its last* serious Windows phones, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The announcement certainly seems like a dividing line in the sand, six years on, but - curiously and perhaps even more significantly, at least with hindsight - occurred only 18 short months after its platform had matured, making the real world, viable lifetime of Windows on phones less than two years... total, I argue. Yes, yes, a crying shame. But here are the time and data points, to back up my contention.


Itorah - Dev Commentary 2021 Trailer

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Join Artur Bäcker, Grimbart Tales' Lead Artist, Creative Director, and Co-Founder, for a look at the world, creatures, and more of Itorah, the upcoming action-platformer featuring hand-drawn environments and themes heavily inspired by Mesoamerican culture and legends. In Itorah, a curtain of evil in the form of a plague looms over the beautiful and once-thriving Nahucan. Alone, and seemingly the last human on Earth, the titular Itorah and her mouthy companion, a sentient battle-ax, are tasked with navigating the treacherous lands and defeating deadly foes to liberate Nahucan and its inhabitants. Itorah launches on Windows PC and Mac via Steam in spring 2022.

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Android on Microsoft - a tale of two videos. And caveats galore...

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The tech world is gradually turning into a homogenised soup, but hopefully in a good way. Any device will, more or less, eventually be able to run any application or service, and it's down to you as to which form factor, which hardware you choose to use or carry around. In this case, I'm looking at two videos demonstrating 'Android on Microsoft', as I've termed it. We already have the Microsoft 'Your Phone' system, linking an Android smartphone (ideally from Samsung) to Windows, we already have Microsoft apps and services on both iOS and Android - the videos below show the new Surface Duo 2, with a two-pane Android experience with Microsoft front and centre, and a first look at Android applications running on Windows 10 Desktop, on your laptop or ultra-mobile.


Sysinternals Suite hits the Microsoft Store

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It's a fair bet that anyone reading AAWP (and probably) AAM is also a bit of a geek. And quite probably using Windows on at least one ultra-mobile PC. In which case the arrival of a suite of low level tools that let you get under the hood of the OS should be interesting. It goes without saying that if you're not 100% confident of running low level utilities and perhaps fixing anything that you break, then you should stay well clear!


Cortana isn't dead (yet)! Here's what you can still do...

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Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant, was always a latecomer to the party, following Siri and whatever Google were calling their voice tech at the time, but it was in terms of functionality in 2015. However, with the withdrawal from 'mobile' and with the ending of support for Windows 10 Mobile in January 2020, what Cortana can actually do has gone downhill, with many people, including me, concluding that the assistant was dead and useless. That's not... quite... true, since there are numerous voice queries that still produce sensible results. With quite a few caveats, as you might expect!


A truly unbiased (and positive) look at Windows 11

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Quinn Nelson is a YouTuber usually covering Apple and Mac stuff and he titled his latest video 'Mac Fanboy Reviews Windows 11', with the subtitle of "I tried it...', kind of setting up a widespread distrust of the latest from Microsoft. But look past the title and you'll be (and Microsoft will be) pleasantly surprised, since he found an awful lot to like, not least the new Photos app with extensions and a decent video editor, plus a new Settings system, and the integration of Teams (and its Chat) into the OS.


Microsoft sets date for To-Do sync stoppage

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Another one bites the dust. Or is about to. Microsoft has formally announced that its To-Do service is to stop syncing with old clients (such as the one for Windows 10 Mobile) at the end of 2021. It's amazing that sync has carried on so long, to be honest. And you still have six weeks to switch to another platform if To-Do support is critical to you. Notably, if you just find it a useful place to store to-do items locally on a Lumia, you'll still be able to use the application 'offline', i.e. it won't actually stop working.


Review: NexDock 360

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You'll have seen - a lapdock? A portable monitor? A fancy screen-enabled USB hub? Well, just as with the previous NexDocks ( and ), the NexDock 360 is all of these. Slightly smaller than its predecessor, the '360' adds a twist in being able to fold back from laptop to tent to tablet. Which is pretty cool, even if the bezels and speaker situation mean that you might not do this very often. The highlight for 'All About' fans is, of course, that this can expand your Windows 10 Mobile or Android* smartphone to a desktop experience. Plus it's a flexible HDMI monitor for everything else. Including iPhones and games consoles.


Status report for November 2021: services and apps on Windows 10 Mobile

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Here, for November 2021, six weeks after the previous update, is the refreshed/latest news and comment on applications and services on Windows 10 Mobile - the OS itself has now , but it still works on the whole. This feature will summarise what's broken and what's not, along with workarounds where possible. Details and links have all been updated throughout. Note that I've kept the URL the same, so the last year of comments are all still here.


Microsoft revamps its Surface companion app

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Although not mobile as in phones, we also cover the Microsoft Surface devices. Not just the Duo series (which are - technically - phones), but also the Go series and beyond. Ultra-light 2-in-1 hybrid devices, etc. And it's notable that Microsoft just gave its companion Surface utility (which runs under Windows, naturellement) a 'Windows 11 facelift', along with a few other tweaks, including a new Surface Management Extension module, needed for handling the new 'Smart Charging'.


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